Scott Brown : Opinion Brief
Palin criticized Sen. Scott Brown for voting with Democrats on some key issues.

Sarah Palin vs. Scott Brown

Sarah Palin slammed Brown for not being conservative enough. Brown shrugged. Is he the only Republican who can win a fight with Palin?

Scott Brown : Opinion Brief
Sen. Scott Brown.

Scott Brown vs. the Tea Party

Senator Brown "snubbed" the Tea Party and Sarah Palin by turning down a Boston rally invitation. Is he biting the hand that fed him?

Scott Brown : Artifact
Rachel Maddow insists she's not running for Senate.

Rachel Maddow's Boston Globe ad

The MSNBC host penned an open letter for the morning paper insisting that that she's not running against Republican Sen. Scott Brown in 2012

Scott Brown : Opinion Brief
Scott Brown scored a major win for the Republican party, but some people are instead focusing on his gaffes and embarrassments.

Scott Brown: GOP buyer's remorse?

Conservatives thought they'd stopped ObamaCare by getting Brown elected. Now the grassroots are having serious doubts about the GOP's newest senator

Scott Brown : Opinion Brief
Scott Brown.

Scott Brown: Model Republican?

How the incoming Massachusetts senator's upset victory could serve as a road map for the GOP's comeback

Scott Brown : The Bullpen
David Frum

David Frum: Has the GOP learned its lesson too?

Scott Brown won in Massachusetts with a big-tent Republican campaign. Perhaps the GOP is coming to recognize that victory doesn't wear an ideological straitjacket.

Scott Brown : Instant Guide
Scott Brown.

Scott Brown: 5 essential facts

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