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The Trayvon Martin Controversy

The Trayvon Martin Controversy : Best Video
George Zimmerman, accompanied by his attorney, Mark O'Mara, sits down for his first television interview since the controversial shooting in February.

George Zimmerman's first TV interview: 6 takeaways

Fox News' Sean Hannity scores a sitdown with Trayvon Martin's killer, who says the fatal shooting "was all God's plan"

The Trayvon Martin Controversy : Timeline
The shooting death of unarmed Florida teen Trayvon Martin has led the nation to grapple with tangled social issues like race relations and gun control.

The Trayvon Martin case: A timeline

A Florida shooting has mushroomed into a national conflagration of race, guns, and justice. A chronological look at how the case exploded

The Trayvon Martin Controversy : Fact Sheet
George Zimmerman gives a step-by-step account to police of what went down that February night in Florida and reveals Trayvon Martin's last words.

The George Zimmerman police tapes: 6 revelations

Defense lawyers release early audiotapes, videos, and statements in which Zimmerman tells detectives that he killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense — and much more

The Trayvon Martin Controversy : Opinion Brief
George Zimmerman is led into a courtroom for his bond hearing on April 20 in Sanford, Fla. While Alan Dershowitz wants the murder charge dropped, other analysts think the truth has yet to be uncovered.

Should prosecutors drop the murder charges against George Zimmerman?

Prominent legal scholar Alan Dershowitz says that newly released evidence destroys the prosecution's case against Trayvon Martin's killer

The Trayvon Martin Controversy : Controversy
The controversial gun-range target depicts a hoodie like the one Trayvon Martin was wearing the night he was shot and killed in February.

The disturbing shooting targets featuring Trayvon Martin

A callous Florida entrepeneur sparks outrage by selling gun-range targets evoking the black teen killed by George Zimmerman

The Trayvon Martin Controversy : The List
George Zimmerman leaves the Seminole County Jail April 22 after posting bail: The neighborhood watchman has gloated at his MySpace blog about being cleared of previous criminal charges.

George Zimmerman's MySpace page: 4 takeaways

Racially-tinged posts from Zimmerman's profile resurface. What to do they tell us about the man charged with murder for killing Trayvon Martin?

The Trayvon Martin Controversy : In-depth briefing
Two years after Florida's controversial Stand Your Ground law passed, civilians committed an average of 40 justifiable homicides a year, up from just 12 before Stand Your Ground.

Stand Your Ground laws: Do they offer a license to kill?

After the death of Trayvon Martin, lawmakers are reassessing a raft of statutes that allow people to use deadly force in self-defense

The Trayvon Martin Controversy : Analysis
George Zimmerman closes his eyes during his initial bond hearing: The neighborhood watchman charged with second-degree murder grew up in a racially mixed household.

Reuters' sympathetic George Zimmerman profile: 7 takeaways

A detailed portrait of Trayvon Martin's killer examines how a string of robberies might have affected his judgment. But does it change the facts of the case?

The Trayvon Martin Controversy : Burning Question
George Zimmerman and an unidentified woman: Zimmerman's attorney Mark O'Mara jumped on the unsuspecting prosecution during a bond hearing, puncturing holes in the case against the admitted killer.

Are George Zimmerman's lawyers outsmarting the prosecution?

Trayvon Martin's killer is free on bail, and some are crediting the acumen of his main defense lawyer, Mark O'Mara

The Trayvon Martin Controversy : Fact Sheet
"I wanted to say I am sorry for the loss of your son," George Zimmerman told Trayvon Martin's parents at his bail hearing. "I did not know how old he was... I did not know if he was armed or not."

George Zimmerman apologizes: 5 takeaways from his bail hearing

In a dramatic day in court, Trayvon Martin's killer says he's sorry — and is granted a $150,000 bail

The Trayvon Martin Controversy : The List
George Zimmerman's attorney Mark O'Mara is surrounded by press after his first court appearance in what media have already dubbed the trial of the century.

George Zimmerman and 10 other supposed 'trials of the century'

Here we go again. Zimmerman is charged with murder, and pundits are proclaiming this the biggest trial ever. Haven't we heard that before?

The Trayvon Martin Controversy : Forecast
George Zimmerman appears for a bond hearing: The 28-year-old's arraignment has been set for May 29, but a fair trial might be hard to come by because of the case's notoriety.

Will George Zimmerman get a fair trial?

Trayvon Martin's killer is in jail, and will likely face a jury of his peers. But considering the national spotlight, lawyers may be hard-pressed to find unbiased jurors

The Trayvon Martin Controversy : Burning Question
George Zimmerman appears at a bond hearing with his attorney Mark O'Mara: The racially charged Trayvon Martin case is, for some, evoking the O.J. Simpson murder trial.

The Trayvon Martin trial: Is George Zimmerman doomed to be the next O.J. Simpson?

The court battle begins for the killer of Trayvon Martin, and some see disturbing parallels to another polarizing, racially charged murder case

The Trayvon Martin Controversy : Instant Guide
George Zimmerman in his April 11 booking photo: The neighborhood watch volunteer is expected to plead not guilty to second-degree murder.

George Zimmerman charged with murder: Now what?

After seven weeks, Trayvon Martin's killer is in custody awaiting trial for second-degree murder — though Florida's "stand your ground" law could set him free

The Trayvon Martin Controversy : Twitter Take
Twitter image

The latest tweets about the murder charge against George Zimmerman

Real-time, unfiltered commentary from around the world

The Trayvon Martin Controversy : Analysis
During a press conference Tuesday, attorney Hal Uhrig said client George Zimmerman is emotionally rattled and making rash decisions without his lawyers' counsel.

Why George Zimmerman's lawyers dumped him: 5 theories

In a strange press conference, the Florida shooter's attorneys said they could no longer represent their rogue client. What's behind this bizarre breakup?

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