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Working in America : Business
Going in for the shake...

The most powerful handshake in the world

A few techniques for dominating with your hands

Working in America : Analysis
Minimum-wage-earning migrant workers load boxes at a Colorado farm in 2010.

$9 minimum wage: Poverty reducer or job killer?

President Obama wants a raise for low-wage workers, saying it would lift millions out of poverty. Conservatives aren't sold

Working in America : In-depth briefing
Some 46.2 million Americans now live in families where someone is working but earning less than the poverty line: $11,702 a year for an individual or $23,021 for a family of four

Working, but still poor

Why is it that millions of Americans who have jobcan't make ends meet?

Working in America : First Reactions
Before applying for a job at Dalkey Archive Press, please be sure to clear your schedule. Of everything.

Is this the most ridiculous job posting ever?

If you like the internet, weekends, or holidays, this position may not be for you

Working in America : From our friends at Mental Floss
Former MLB pitcher Mike Bacsik was suspended and later fired from his job as a sports radio host for drunk tweeting a string of inappropriate remarks.

6 ways to tweet yourself out of a job

Hate your job? Want to leave without giving two weeks notice? Thanks to Twitter, it's never been easier to get fired, says Rob Lammie at Mental Floss

Working in America : Opinion Brief
Facebook's new job board aggregates employment opportunities through sites like

Facebook's new jobs board: Is LinkedIn toast?

The billion-user social network is very eager to get Americans back to work

Working in America : Analysis
According to a recent study, the popular kids who ruled high school earn more money later in life than their less-cool counterparts.

Why popular kids make more money as adults

A new study shows that being cool at school goes hand in hand with succeeding in corporate America

Working in America : Burning Question
Being bald, as opposed to having thin hair, is perceived to be more masculine thanks to Hollywood alpha males like Bruce Willis.

Does a shaved head give you an advantage in corporate America?

A new study says men who've buzzed off their hair are perceived to be more masculine and dominant. And people think they can bench-press more, too

Working in America : Instant Guide
Lena Dunham in HBO's Girls, the supposed voice of millennials: This younger, tech-savvy generation is making new demands on workplaces such as flexible work hours and "me time" on the job.

How millennials are transforming the workplace

Americans born in the 1980s and '90s have been described as pampered and entitled — and they're starting to get their way at some major corporations

Working in America : Analysis
Juice cleanse company Red Carpet Cleanses' liquid offerings: Companies from Citigroup to Shape magazine are reportedly bonding over team juice fasts.

The latest corporate bonding trend: Group juice cleanses?

Why indulge in happy hours or corporate retreats when you can all get together and starve yourselves with foul-tasting beverages?

Working in America : Controversy
Apparently, for a few men with a rare fetish, the sight of a mother pumping breast milk in an institutional environment is a turn on.

The man charged with secretly filming his breast-pumping co-worker

Police accuse a Pennsylvania man of creepily hiding a camera in the ceiling of his colleague's offce. Sadly, this isn't the first such tale

Working in America : Essay
An Amazon warehouse in Nevada: The e-tail giant has 69 gigantic warehouses, 17 of which came online just last year.

A day in the life of a warehouse wage slave

Working in the online shipping business, says Mac McClelland, is nasty, brutish, and poorly paid

Working in America : Fact Sheet
If you have ever felt this frustrated after a day at the office, the Dallas-based Anger Room lets you lash out for a full 15 minutes for only $45.

The 'Anger Room': The new way to blow off steam after work

Let's face it: Some days you leave work wanting to throw, punch, and break things. If you live in Dallas, you can — for a small fee, of course

Working in America : Burning Question
Forget the 80-hour workweek: Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is home for dinner with her kids by 6 p.m. every night.

Time to cap the workweek at 40 hours?

Facebook exec Sheryl Sandberg says she leaves the office every day at 5:30, sparking a discussion about how much people gain (and lose) by working tougher hours

Working in America : Instant Guide
It can be hard for any new mom to leave her child five days a week, so one Australian company is giving women a financial incentive to return to the workplace.

'Welcome back to work' baby bonuses: Good for business?

A ground-breaking Australian company offers women who opt to return from maternity leave double pay for six weeks — claiming it's cheaper than replacing them

Working in America : Analysis
Google's New York offices reflect a growing trend in which companies favor communal "open workspaces" over a honeycomb of semi-enclosed cubicles.

Is the office cubicle dead?

Cost-cutting companies are tearing down cubicle walls to cram more workers into limited space — and even semi-privacy is becoming a nostalgic dream

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