Summer Movies

Summer Movies : Opinion Brief
Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays bike messenger Wilee in Premium Rush, and even does some of his own stunts.

Premium Rush: Finally, a great CGI-free action movie?

If you're tired of predictable computer-generated blockbusters, indie darling Joseph Gordon-Levitt brings back the concept of... actual stunts

Summer Movies : Opinion Brief
Robert Pattinson: Still pale, still well-dressed, still affectless.

Goodbye, Twilight: Robert Pattinson's chillingly crude turn in Cosmopolis

In the new film, the young actor transforms his image as an amoral moneybags who perfects shallowness as the global economy collapses around him

Summer Movies : Analysis
Oliver Stone's Savages is a violent, sexual exploration of drug culture from Southern California to Mexico.

Savages: Does Oliver Stone redeem himself?

Coming off a string of critical busts, the once-celebrated director tries to win back audiences with an adrenaline-charged, drug-fueled, shoot-em-up pulp movie

Summer Movies : Opinion Brief
The Amazing Spider-Man's $35 million first day is the best Tuesday opening in Hollywood history, easily outpacing Transformers' $27.8 million in 2007.

Is the new Spider-Man reboot really a hit?

The Amazing Spider-Man set a Tuesday record with its $35 million debut — a number that's less eye-popping when compared to past Spidey blockbusters

Summer Movies : The List
Your Sister's Sister is a charming reprieve from the summer's onslaught of big-budget, action-packed movies.

4 quiet movies to enjoy this summer

Moviegoers looking to avoid explosive 3D blockbusters would be wise to check out several less clamorous films that are still flying under the radar

Summer Movies : Opinion Brief
While Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield give memorable performances, for many critics, The Amazing Spider-Man simply comes too soon after a recent Spider-Man trilogy.

The Amazing Spider-Man: An impressive but unnecessary reboot?

It's been just five years since Spider-Man 3 swung into theaters, leaving critics wondering whether the new Spidey film comes too soon — even if it is exhilarating

Summer Movies : Burning Question
Channing Tatum poses for a picture with a female fan at the Magic Mike premiere: 73 percent of the film's opening-weekend audience was composed of women.

After Magic Mike, will Hollywood cater more to female audiences?

A whopping 73 percent of those who flocked to see the male-stripper flick were women, fueling the film's surprising $40 million opening-weekend haul

Summer Movies : Instant Guide
Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane's big-screen project, Ted, killed over the weekend, becoming the third-best opening ever for an R-rated comedy.

Ted, Magic Mike, and the surprisingly strong weekend box office

A foul-mouthed teddy bear and men in G-strings help mark the first time ever that two R-rated films grossed more than $21 million in the same weekend

Summer Movies : Opinion Brief
After her breakout performance in Beasts of the Southern Wild, Quvenzhane Wallis can expect a stream of calls from casting directors.

Beasts of the Southern Wild: Does the Sundance hit live up to the hype?

The gorgeous indie film that stormed film festivals earlier this year hits theaters Wednesday with a hurricane of hype and lofty expectations

Summer Movies : Controversy
It's not just Princess Merida's penchant for physical activity, but also her rousing speeches of acceptance and freedom of choice in marriage that has critics questioning her sexuality.

Is Brave's heroine gay?

Princess Merida rejects male suitors, loves shooting arrows, and hates girly clothes — enough reasons to classify her as a lesbian, say some critics

Summer Movies : Opinion Brief
Actor Channing Tatum, who stripped under the name Chan Crawford before he became famous, brings his real-life stripping experience to the big screen in Magic Mike.

Magic Mike: Could a male-strippers movie be a box-office smash?

Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey show an awful lot of skin in this weekend's new film, and some critics aren't sure moviegoers want to see it

Summer Movies : Opinion Brief
Brave's $66.7 million opening weekend haul, while good enough for the top box-office slot, didn't come close to the openings of Pixar's previous hits Up, Finding Nemo, and Toy Story 3.

Brave: Actually a box-office disappointment?

Pixar's first heroine may have scored $66.7 million and the number one slot at the weekend box office, but Brave's numbers don't stand up to those of past Pixar hits

Summer Movies : Opinion Brief
Alec Baldwin and Jesse Eisenberg star in To Rome With Love, the latest film in director Woody Allen's "travelogue" phase.

To Rome With Love: Another win for Woody Allen?

The 76-year-old filmmaker is coming off the biggest hit of his career with last summer's charmer Midnight In Paris. But his latest cinematic postcard stuggles to keep up

Summer Movies : Opinion Brief
While movie musical flop Rock of Ages was an ensemble film, with a cast including Alec Baldwin (left), Tom Cruise was its headlining star.

Rock of Ages flops: Is Tom Cruise's star power dimming?

The box office heavyweight's past films have grossed over $3 billion total, but his new movie musical barely mustered a third-place finish over the weekend

Summer Movies : Opinion Brief
An incongruously intense Tom Cruise does his best 80s-era Axl Rose impression in the cheesy movie musical Rock of Ages.

Rock of Ages: Does Tom Cruise embarrass himself?

The Mission: Impossible star delights some critics and horrifies others by belting "Pour Some Sugar on Me" while wearing assless chaps

Summer Movies : Fact Sheet
Performance artist Marina Abramovic is filmed for the documentary The Artist is Present during her 2010 Museum of Modern Art exhibit in New York.

Summer's 3 must-see documentaries

A Serbian-born performance artist, a Chinese activist, and a super-wealthy U.S. family are the subjects of this summer's top non-fiction films

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