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Summer Movies : Best Video
Ridley Scott's "Prometheus," starring Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender, is gearing up to be one of the summer's most tantalizing and terrifying blockbusters.

The 'terrifying' Prometheus trailer: 5 talking points

Is it an Alien prequel? Critics debate that — and more — as two new teasers of Ridley Scott's upcoming sci-fi thriller hit the web

Summer Movies : The List
Johnny Depp's Victorian vampire, Barnabas Collins, wakes up in the modern, if frighteningly tacky, world of 1972 in Tim Burton's big-screen take on "Dark Shadows."

Johnny Depp's 'very campy' Dark Shadows trailer: 5 talking points

Depp re-teams with Tim Burton for a film version of the cult '60s soap opera that eschews gothic drama in favor of deadpan humor and Karen Carpenter references

Summer Movies : The List
The new poster for "The Avengers," which hits theaters May 6.

The 'bigger and better' Avengers trailer: 6 talking points

As the May 6th release of the epic superhero flick nears, Marvel releases a brand new full-length trailer. Here's what has fans buzzing

Summer Movies : The List
Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man has a more mischievous streak than Tobey Maguire's eminently likable character did in last decade's Spider-Man trilogy.

The Amazing Spider-Man's new trailer: 4 talking points

An eagerly anticipated reboot features a brooding Spidey played by British star Andrew Garfield. How does he compare to Tobey Maguire?

Summer Movies : Analysis
Batman's broken mask is seen in part of a new poster for "The Dark Knight Rises": The promotional image was released within hours of new art for "The Amazing Spider-Man."

Dark Knight Rises vs. Amazing Spider-Man: Which new poster is better?

The superhero flicks that will duke it out for box-office dollars next summer are already competing for advance buzz

Summer Movies : The List
Superhero fans may overdose on the all-star trailer for "Avengers," one of 2012's most anticipated summer blockbusters.

The Avengers trailer: 5 talking points

Fans have been yearning for the onscreen union of Marvel's biggest superheroes for more than a year. Will the trailer satisfy them?

Summer Movies : Opinion Brief
Battleship, the nostalgia-inducing board game, gets the bombastic silver-screen treatment, with an Oscar nominee, a supermodel, a pop star, and unaffordable special effects.

Battleship: A $200 million 'fiasco'?

The trailer for next year's bizarrely big-budgeted blockbuster has hit the internet. And yes, it's based on that board game

Summer Movies : Opinion Brief
Meet Merida, a rebellious Scottish princess, and the protagonist of Pixar's upcoming film, "Brave."

Brave: Pixar's 'dark' new action-heroine flick

The animation powerhouse's next film will feature a female protagonist, and dispense with Pixar's typical "hurried rattle and bright din"

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