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Garrett McNamara said the 78-foot wave only felt big toward the end when the white water poured down on him "like a ton of bricks."

The biggest wave ever surfed: The mind-blowing video

Surfer Garrett McNamara officially enters the Guinness Book of World Records for narrowly escaping a 78-foot-tall oceanic monstrosity

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Iditarod: The grueling dog-sledding race in pictures

Iditarod: The grueling dog-sledding race in pictures

When the nine-day race came to a close this week, 25-year-old Dallas Seavey became the youngest musher ever to win the contest

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A partial view of the 145 water skiers who easily broke the previous record of 114 skiers pulled by a single vessel set two years ago.

1 boat, 145 water skiers: A record-breaking stunt

Very odd things have been known to happen off the coast of Tasmania. This is one

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