London Olympics

London Olympics : The List
Olympic Games Opening Ceremony director Danny Boyle presents a model of his vision for the event, which resembles the British countryside, babbling brook and pagan hill included. 

The London Olympics opening ceremony: 7 crazy new details

Director Danny Boyle's plans for the massive spectacle include a mock British countryside, a cricket team, 12 horses, three goats, two cows, and Sir Paul McCartney

London Olympics : Fact Sheet
Daniel Craig and the rest of the 007 crew were reportedly given unprecedented access to Buckingham Palace to film a short James Bond movie for the Olympics opening ceremony.

The London Olympics opening ceremony: What we know so far

Duran Duran, Shakespeare, and... Sir 007? Here's a taste of how England plans to welcome the world this summer

London Olympics : Burning Question
The Saudi Olympic team during the Beijing opening ceremony in 2008: The Muslim country prohibits women and girls from playing organized sports of any kind.

Should Saudi Arabia's all-male team be banned from the Olympics?

Human rights activists say the conservative Muslim country should be kicked out of the London Olympics because it won't allow Saudi women to compete

London Olympics : Opinion Brief
If you're still reeling from missing this 2008 U.S. men's freestyle relay moment, fear not: NBC will live stream every Olympic event this summer.

NBC's Olympics live stream: A huge win for sports fans?

Forget tape-delayed evening broadcasts. This summer, for the first time ever, fans in the U.S. can watch Michael Phelps' big races live from their computers

London Olympics : Analysis
The 2012 London Summer Olympics logo has been interpreted in a variety of ways; so does it look Lisa Simpson, or a Nazi symbol?

Zion, Lisa Simpson, and 3 other things the London Olympics logo resembles

Iran says the 2012 Olympics logo is "racist" — but they're not the only ones seeing something strange in the Games' symbol

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