Cybersecurity : The Bullpen
D.B. Grady

D.B. Grady: Cyber is a fraudulent weapon in a nonexistent war

Corporate fearmongers are eager to make a fortune from the phony threat of cyber-terror

Cybersecurity : The Bullpen
D.B. Grady

D.B. Grady: America's embarrassingly redundant and entangled cyber security complex

Thank goodness no serious observer of electronic warfare considers a cyber-9/11 possible, let alone imminent

Cybersecurity : Burning Question
The late Aaron Swartz in a San Francisco bookstore on Feb. 4, 2008.

Will Aaron Swartz's suicide spark copyright reform?

The 26-year-old wunderkind's death is bringing laws written a half-century ago back into the spotlight

Cybersecurity : Instant Guide
Red October infiltrates computers using email attachments and then beams back data completely undetected.

Operation Red October: The top-secret global espionage campaign that's been running for five years

A rogue group is covertly collecting top-secret data with an infrastructure rivaling Flame and Stuxnet

Cybersecurity : Instant Guide
Reddit co-founder, Aaron Swartz, who committed suicide on Jan. 10, struggled with depression.

Why the internet is incensed by the suicide of activist Aaron Swartz

The Reddit architect and free-culture hero was locked in a bitter courtroom battle after allegedly stealing millions of files from MIT

Cybersecurity : The Bullpen
Dana Liebelson

Dana Liebelson: Obama's war on hackers: 5 things you need to know

The president reportedly plans to issue an executive order to protect the nation's critical systems from cyber attacks, and Republicans are not happy

Cybersecurity : Best Column
"The internet doesn't do secrets. Everyone is a few clicks away from knowing everything," says Matt Honan in Wired.

Why it's time to kill the online password

No matter how unique or complex your alphanumeric code is, hackers can always find a way in, warns Mat Honan in a new Wired cover story

Cybersecurity : The List
The odds are, you are not being clever with your password.

The 25 worst passwords of 2012

Leading the way are "password" and "123456," but "ninja" and "jesus" are gaining ground

Cybersecurity : Burning Question
A pacemaker in an X-rayed chest: The life-saving device may be vulnerable to hackers.

Could hackers use pacemakers to commit mass murder?

One researcher demonstrates how easily the heart-monitoring devices can be accessed by outsiders

Cybersecurity : Fact Sheet
In a confessional video posted to YouTube in September, Amanda Todd describes the torment her virtual attacker caused her.

Did Anonymous just unmask a man who allegedly drove a teen to suicide?

The virtual vigilante group claims revenge on behalf of Canadian teen Amanda Todd

Cybersecurity : Essay
"In the space of one hour," writes Mat Honan, "my entire digital life was destroyed."

Digital nightmare: How hackers ruined my online life

A hacker stole my family photos and upended my life, says Mat Honan, and it could easily happen to you

Cybersecurity : Instant Guide
A U.S. soldier uses a laptop while resting after a patrol in eastern Afghanistan on March 5: Taliban members are reportedly setting up fake Facebook pages to spy on American troops.

Are terrorists posing as hot girls on Facebook to spy on soldiers?

According to the Pentagon and Australia's defense department, our troops are a sucker for sexy Facebook "friends" who are more deadly, and less attractive, than they seem

Cybersecurity : Fact Sheet
A hands-free controller sold by Emotiv: The device lets you manipulate a video game through your brain's electrical activity.

How future criminals could hack your brain and steal your PIN

As brain-computer interfaces become more commonplace, researchers warn that the devices could open you up to a whole new threat: Mind-hacking

Cybersecurity : Controversy
While President Obama's app helps enterprising supporters with tips and tools for canvassing, it is also gathers a lot of users' personal info.

How Obama and Mitt Romney's campaign apps invade your privacy

Want to support your preferred candidate? You should know that downloading their apps also means handing over a hefty amount of personal data

Cybersecurity : Analysis
A programmer takes part in an advanced hackathon (pictured): Mat Honan's key mistake was neglecting to turn on Google's two-step verification.

How hackers erased one tech writer's entire online life

Wired reporter Mat Honan lost every file and every photo of his daughter's first year when attackers remotely wiped his MacBook. Even scarier? It could easily happen to you

Cybersecurity : Burning Question
Skype has reportedly come under pressure from law enforcement agencies to allow surveillance of conversations that might help catch criminals.

Is Skype eavesdropping on you?

The popular chat service is reportedly sharing conversations and user data with police who are tracking terrorists and pedophiles — sparking concerns about privacy

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