Cybersecurity : Instant Guide
By weeding out everyone but the most gullible with their obviously dishonest emails, Nigerian scammers maximize efficiency, a Microsoft researcher argues.

Why Nigerian email scammers are smart to be so blatantly obvious

Few assume that a lot of brainpower goes into these transparent scams, but a Microsoft researcher argues that they're actually highly sophisticated

Cybersecurity : Instant Guide
Using cameras installed in bars and facial-detection software, the new app SceneTap scans the faces of patrons to determine age and gender makeups of crowds.

SceneTap: The creepy app that scans bar-goers' faces

Does this new service help people find the most interesting crowds, or is it just another "stalker app"?

Cybersecurity : Flashback
While Facebook and IBM have pledged their support to CISPA, which some consider a "Big Brother" bill, Microsoft has opted out, saying the legislation needs work.

Why are tech companies backing CISPA?

Online privacy advocates and the tech industry joined forces to sink SOPA. But now they're split over another piece of arguably invasive internet regulation

Cybersecurity : Instant Guide
Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) has slammed the cyber security bill CISPA, calling it "the latest assault on internet freedom."

CISPA: A guide to the 'Big Brother' cyber security bill

Civil libertarians and open-web advocates are up in arms about a far-reaching bill coming up for a big vote in the House. Here's why

Cybersecurity : Instant Guide
Hacking group LulzSec was brought down by its own leader, 28-year-old Hector Xavier Monsegur.

The 'stunning' LulzSec hacker bust: A concise guide

One of the world's most notorious hacking collectives suffers a brutal blow — after its leader rats out his comrades

Cybersecurity : Forecast
A Stop Online Piracy Act protestor in New York City: A significant number of lawmakers dropped their support for the anti-piracy bills after Wednesday's website blackouts.

After the blackouts: What's next for SOPA?

After web-wide blackouts protesting controversial anti-piracy bills, former supporters from both parties appear to be fleeing the legislation. Is SOPA dead?

Cybersecurity : Controversy
Wikipedia went dark Wednesday to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act, an action that former Sen. Chris Dodd has blasted as an "irresponsible... abuse of power."

Are websites' SOPA blackouts an 'abuse of power'?

Wikipedia, Reddit, and others web giants temporarily shut down to take a stand against controversial anti-piracy bills. Are these sites going too far?

Cybersecurity : Opinion Brief
Wikipedia will go dark for 24 hours Wednesday, in protest of two anti-piracy bills that might allow big media companies to block access to websites accused of harboring pirated content.

Will Wikipedia's one-day blackout sink SOPA?

Reddit, Wordpress, Mozilla, Google, and dozens of other websites are joining the people's encyclopedia in protesting a controversial anti-piracy bill

Cybersecurity : Instant Guide
If remote hackers cause a printer's fuser, which is meant to dry the ink, to overheat, the whole machine could theoretically catch fire.

Can hackers set your printer on fire?

Researchers from Columbia University demonstrate how a software flaw could put your printer at risk — not to mention your entire computer network

Cybersecurity : Instant Guide
Hacker group Anonymous reportedly aims to take down child porn sites and those who use them.

Hacker group Anonymous' new target: Child pornography websites

The hacker group vows to take down any site that hosts or promotes child pornography. But is online vigilantism a good thing?

Cybersecurity : Analysis
Bank of America's six-day computer slowdown has sparked another round of rumors that it's being targeted by hackers.

Did hackers target Bank of America's website?

Customers already enraged by a fee hike encountered problems accessing accounts online for six days. Was it a glitch, or something more sinister?

Cybersecurity : The List
In a Twitter message, the hackers collective Lulz Security called it quits: "Our planned 50-day cruise has expired, and we must now sail into the distance."

Why 'rockstar hackers' LulzSec disbanded: 4 theories

The tech-smart collective unexpectedly calls it quits, after successfully hacking Sony, the CIA, and the U.S. Senate. Why quit when you're ahead?

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