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The Dark Knight Shootings

The Dark Knight Shootings : Essay
A composite image examines the odd behavior displayed by accused killer James Holmes at his first court appearance in Centennial, Colo., on July 23.

James Holmes: What we know about the alleged Aurora shooter

The gunman who allegedly killed 12 people at a Colorado movie theater was once bound for great things

The Dark Knight Shootings : Instant Guide
Colorado shooting victim John Larimer used his body to shield his girlfriend, Julia Vojtsek, from gunfire. "I feel very strongly I was saved by John and his ultimate kindness," she says.

The 'knights' of the Colorado shootings: A return to old-fashioned chivalry

When gunfire broke out in the Aurora movie theater, four young men gave their lives to protect their girlfriends

The Dark Knight Shootings : World Reactions
As people continue to pay their respects at the makeshift memorial to the 12 who died on July 20, the international press addresses our country's dependence on guns.

The Aurora shootings: The world reacts

Americans are "weapon fetishists"... you can't legislate away evil... get your own house in order. What commentators overseas are saying about the Aurora massacre

The Dark Knight Shootings : Opinion Brief
Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes' mug shot: Social media site Reddit was the first to unearth a photo of Holmes with his dyed red hair.

Reddit's coverage of the Colorado massacre: The future of citizen journalism?

The social news site was a go-to source as the immediate aftermath of the Aurora shootings unfolded, renewing a debate over the role of user-generated journalism

The Dark Knight Shootings : The List
Aurora's Century 16 theater: In the wake of the Colorado shootings, national movie theater chains are considering ramping up security, which could bump up ticket prices or decrease profits.

The fallout from the Aurora shootings: 5 eerie consequences

A bounce in gun sales. Lawsuits against Warner Bros. A would-be copycat killer. The aftermath of the massacre has been full of surprising, often disturbing, developments

The Dark Knight Shootings : Opinion Brief
Christian Bale as Batman in The Dark Knight Rises: Would young victims of the Colorado shootings really welcome a get-well visit from an actor dressed in a nightmarish, kitschy costume?

Should Christian Bale visit Colorado shooting victims… dressed as Batman?

An online campaign is urging the Oscar winner to visit injured children in his full Caped Crusader regalia. What a bone-headed idea, say wincing critics

The Dark Knight Shootings : Burning Question
Police cars park outside a New York City movie theater: Despite increased security at theaters nationwide, some moviegoers are hesitant to return after the Colorado shootings.

Will we ever feel safe in movie theaters again?

The deadly shootings at a Dark Knight Rises screening leaves moviegoers with a shattered sense of security that could keep some away from the theater for good

The Dark Knight Shootings : Fact Sheet
James Holmes' booby-trapped apartment reportedly contained a Batman poster and mask.

The Colorado massacre: Who is James Holmes?

As the prime suspect in the shootings made his first public appearance, more information about his past has come to light

The Dark Knight Shootings : Slideshow
The Colorado shooting aftermath: A look at a town in mourning

The Colorado shooting aftermath: A slideshow

From informal gatherings to solemn vigils, the people of Aurora, Colo., unite to grieve after a gunman kills 12 in a local movie theater for unfathomable reasons

The Dark Knight Shootings : Opinion Brief
Movie theaters around the country ramped up security over the weekend at screenings of The Dark Knight Rises, which unrolled according to plan despite the Colorado shooting Friday.

Colorado shooting: Should Warner Bros. have cancelled The Dark Knight Rises screenings?

Despite Friday's massacre inside an Aurora, Colo., theater, moviegoers flock to see the final installment of the Batman trilogy

The Dark Knight Shootings : Analysis
A SWAT team officer stands outside the Aurora, Colo., apartment building where James Holmes, the alleged gunman, was living.

Will The Dark Knight Rises shooting change the gun-control debate?

The tragedy, like others before it, has reignited an old argument. Could the massacre reshape attitudes toward America's gun laws?

The Dark Knight Shootings : Instant Guide
Alleged Colorado gunman James Holmes reportedly told authorities that he was "The Joker," a seeming reference to the well-known Batman villain.

How the Colorado massacre will affect The Dark Knight Rises' future

The nation is still trying to wrap its head around the shooting rampage that left 12 people dead — and Hollywood stunned

The Dark Knight Shootings : The List
During public appearances July 20, Mitt Romney and President Obama called for a moment of silence for the victims of the Colorado shooting and both campaigns have agreed to suspend negative ads in the state.

4 attempts to instantly politicize The Dark Knight Rises massacre

Within hours of the tragedy, partisans had already come up with several ways to tie the shootings to the other side

The Dark Knight Shootings : Fact Sheet
An undated photo of the alleged Colorado theater shooter James Holmes whose apartment, police found, was rigged with explosives and a "very sophisticated" booby trap.

The Dark Knight Rises massacre in Aurora, Colorado: 4 takeaways

A masked gunman opens fire at a midnight showing of the highly anticipated movie, killing 12 people in one of the deadliest mass shootings in recent memory

The Dark Knight Shootings : Twitter Take
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The latest tweets about the Colorado Dark Knight Rises shooting

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