Yahoo : The List
The new Flickr photo app has hipster-friendly filters and works seamlessly with Twitter.

4 reasons to give Flickr's beautiful new photo app a try

In the wake of Instagram and Twitter's messy split comes a new old contender worth checking out

Yahoo : Analysis
Yahoo Mail is now available for your Windows 8 desktop and tablet.

Yahoo's new email: A step in the right direction?

The struggling internet company rolls out its first product upgrade under new CEO Marissa Mayer

Yahoo : Analysis
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will reportedly attempt to boost the company's profile on mobile phones, an increasingly crucial platform.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's turnaround plan: 3 takeaways

The new head honcho unveils her strategy for rejuvenating the struggling company, but many investors and commentators say Yahoo is hopelessly muddled

Yahoo : The List
Yahoo headquarters in Sunnyvale, Calif.: If new CEO Marissa Mayer focuses on revamping the company's most popular offerings like Flickr, sports, and finance, Yahoo may have a chance, say critics.

4 things new CEO Marissa Mayer can do to fix Yahoo

The former Googler has an impressive resume as one of Silicon Valley's foremost engineers and managers, but can she save the struggling company?

Yahoo : Burning Question
Marissa Mayer attends a panel discussion Jan. 24, 2011: The newly appointed Yahoo CEO faces a dire situation at the struggling tech company.

Yahoo's Marissa Mayer: Is she the victim of the 'glass cliff'?

Charging Mayer with turning the failing company around, Yahoo's board might be setting her up for failure, part of a pattern of high-level sexism in corporate America

Yahoo : Fact Sheet
New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is six months pregnant with her first child, a boy, and will reportedly take only a brief working maternity leave.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's pregnancy: 4 talking points

Mayer becomes the first pregnant woman to be named CEO of a major company, adding a new dimension to the debate over women's role in the workplace

Yahoo : Opinion Brief
New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, 37, was Google's 20th employee and first female engineer.

Marissa Mayer: Can Yahoo's new CEO turn the company around?

The struggling internet giant poaches a top executive from rival Google, but doubts linger that anyone can revive Yahoo's fortunes

Yahoo : Controversy
In his four months at Yahoo, CEO Scott Thompson laid off 2,000 workers, launched a patent lawsuit against Facebook, and was beginning to reorganize the struggling company.

Is it a mistake to fire Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson?

The flailing search giant sacks Thompson for a bogus claim on his resume, plunging the company into even deeper turmoil

Yahoo : Opinion Brief
Yahoo! headquarters in Sunnyvale, California: Can the troubled company afford to replace yet another CEO?

Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson's bogus resume claim: A firable offense?

In the latest embarrassment for the struggling search engine, Yahoo's chief admits that he didn't actually receive a college degree in computer science

Yahoo : The List
Workers dismantle a Yahoo! billboard in San Francisco: The erstwhile king of search is drastically cutting its workforce to stay afloat.

Yahoo's massive layoffs: Only the tip of the iceberg?

The struggling search giant announces the deepest round of layoffs in its history. Here, 5 reasons why things could get even uglier

Yahoo : Opinion Brief
Yahoo co-founders Jerry Yang (left) and David Filo (right) in 2007: The search engine is suing Facebook for patent infringement.

Yahoo's patent suit against Facebook: A 'pathetic' last stand?

The struggling internet portal lashes out at the social networking king, saying Mark Zuckerberg and Co. pilfered Yahoo's many innovations

Yahoo : Forecast
The third-most popular search engine is doing some major restructuring that is said to include thousands of layoffs.

Yahoo's 'deep' layoffs: What's next for the struggling search engine?

As it rapidly loses ground to Facebook and Google, Yahoo is reportedly taking severe measures to launch a turnaround

Yahoo : Opinion Brief
Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz: Commentators debate if her downfall was triggered by her performance or by an aggressiveness perceived as unladylike.

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz's firing: Was sexism a factor?

Bartz was ostensibly ousted because she failed to turn the struggling internet company around. Would things have been different if she were a man?

Yahoo : Analysis
Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz was canned this week, after the struggling internet company tried to regain its competitive edge and solve its identity problem once and for all.

Why Yahoo fired CEO Carol Bartz: 4 theories

With investors and employees unhappy, and Google and Facebook roaring ahead, Yahoo's chairman breaks up with Bartz over the phone

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