Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan, (R-Wis.) addresses an audience at an oil company in Milwaukee as Mitt Romney looks on: Romney may be interested in Ryan as one of his top three choices for a VP nominee, but Ryan's connections to Washington might be a detriment to Romney's campaign.

5 reasons Paul Ryan shouldn't be Mitt Romney's VP pick

As Romney gets closer to announcing his running mate, buzz is building around the controversial House budget wonk from Wisconsin

Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan speaks during a news conference on the debt limit impasse in August 2011: Ryan's "winning political style is a nut that no one has been able to crack yet," says Politico.

Is Paul Ryan the most powerful figure in the GOP?

The influential Republican budget guru is getting a turn in the media spotlight — and so is his controversial spending plan

Paul Ryan
House Republicans overwhelmingly passed Paul Ryan's Medicare-transforming budget on Thursday, and critics say it may come back to haunt them come November.

Paul Ryan's budget: An albatross for the GOP?

The spending plan puts Republicans on record as favoring massive spending cuts and a Medicare overhaul. How will that go over with voters?

Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan's new budget takes an ax to all of the government's entitlement plans, including Medicare, welfare, food stamps, and transportation.

Paul Ryan's 'austerity' budget: What would it cut?

The Republican House Budget Committee chairman proposes broad reductions in social spending... but he's not looking for savings everywhere

Paul Ryan
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) bold 2012 budget went over big with GOP presidential hopefuls, but some say the politically risky plan will backfire in next year's election.

Will Paul Ryan's budget cripple the GOP in 2012?

The Republican budget guru has grabbed onto the third rail of American politics with both hands. Will he drag down the GOP’s 2012 hopefuls, or is this a brilliant move?

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