Hurricane Sandy : Fact Sheet
Runners cross the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge toward Brooklyn at the start of the 2011 New York City marathon: This year's race will reportedly go on despite the storm's destruction.

Hurricane Sandy: Should the New York Marathon be canceled?

It's one of Gotham's biggest, most financially beneficial events, but should the city's resources be focused on recovery efforts instead of a running race?

Hurricane Sandy : The List
Rescuers bring flood victims out by boat in Little Ferry, N.J., on Oct. 30: Some 8 million homes and businesses along the East Coast are without electricity.

How to help victims of Hurricane Sandy

More than 8 million people are without power in 17 states, and entire cities are deluged with water. Here, a few ways to contribute to the relief efforts

Hurricane Sandy : Instant Guide
On Tuesday, the man behind the Twitter handle @ComfortablySmug apologized for spreading false information about conditions in New York City during Superstorm Sandy.

@ComfortablySmug: How one Twitter user became Hurricane Sandy's biggest villain

GOP consultant Shashank Tripathi is getting deserved grief for tweeting fake bad news during the Frankenstorm

Hurricane Sandy : By the numbers
Homes sit smoldering in the Breezy Point neighborhood of Queens, N.Y. Some 100 homes there burned down in a fire during the storm.

The deadly wrath of Hurricane Sandy: By the numbers

The aptly named Frankenstorm is winding down, but the enumerated damage left behind is still growing

Hurricane Sandy : Analysis
In Queens, New York, a firefighter looks through debris left by a fire that destroyed more than 50 homes.

Could Hurricane Sandy actually help the economy?

The superstorm ravaged the Eastern Seaboard and threw sand in the economy's gears. But the stimulative effect of reconstruction could result in a net gain

Hurricane Sandy : The List
Sign language interpreter Lydia Calas became one of the storm's breakout stars thanks to her exaggerated facial expressions that brought extra life to Mayor Michael Bloomberg's updates.

5 Hurricane Sandy-inspired memes

Despite (or perhaps because of) the devastation, the superstorm still provided fodder for dark humor

Hurricane Sandy : Analysis
People walk past debris on Oct. 30 where a 2,000-foot section of the Atlantic City, N.J., boardwalk was destroyed by flooding from Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy: The brewing spending fight in Congress

Disaster relief has become a sensitive topic on Capitol Hill, with Republicans demanding that aid be offset by spending cuts elsewhere in the budget

Hurricane Sandy : The List
A replica of the HMS Bounty is submerged in the Atlantic Ocean. The U.S. Coast Guard rescued all but two of its passengers and crew.

Hurricane Sandy: 3 tales of incredible heroism

As relief workers continue the search for stranded storm victims, here are three of the first daring rescue stories to emerge

Hurricane Sandy : The List
A closed and flooded subway station in lower Manhattan on Oct. 30: Several subway tunnels took in water during the storm.

Hurricane Sandy: What New York needs to do to get back on track

The superstorm shut down Gotham schools and offices, downed trees and power lines, and stopped flights and public transit — and recovery will take time

Hurricane Sandy : Best Video
A transformer at a Con Edison plant explodes on Oct. 29 in New York City, cutting off electricity for thousands of residents.

WATCH: New York's massive Con Edison explosion during Hurricane Sandy

A failing transformer blindingly lights up the Manhattan sky, knocking out power for tens of thousands of customers

Hurricane Sandy : U.S. Opinion
Amid the relentless rain and wind, the wall of an apartment building in lower Manhattan collapsed on Oct. 29, revealing a dollhouse-like cutaway of the contents inside.

Hurricane Sandy: Incredible photos and first-hand accounts of the damage

Residents along the East Coast take to social media to report on the devastation caused by the deadly Frankenstorm

Hurricane Sandy : Instant Guide
Cars float in a flooded subterranean basement in lower Manhattan following Hurricane Sandy on Oct. 30.

Superstorm Sandy's wrath: How bad is the damage?

The post-tropical cyclone isn't done wreaking havoc. But Sandy is already off to an awe-inspiring start

Hurricane Sandy : The List
Shock of the century: This photo is not real.

10 fake photos of Hurricane Sandy

The images of destruction in New York and New Jersey are stunning. Some are also photoshopped

Hurricane Sandy : Live Feed
New York NBC affiliate WNBC covers the aftermath of the historically destructive storm on New York City and the surrounding region.

WATCH LIVE: WNBC covers the fallout of Superstorm Sandy

Get the latest news and images from Sandy's destruction in the New York City area

Hurricane Sandy : Slideshow
Preparing for Sandy: 12 apocalyptic images

Bracing for Hurricane Sandy: 11 eerily apocalyptic images

Americans flee, stockpile, and take one last look at their desolate, soon-to-be-drenched cities

Hurricane Sandy : Fact Sheet
New Yorkers stock up on Hurricane essentials, including matches, extra batteries, and a flashlight on Oct. 28.

How to stay safe during Hurricane Sandy: 7 tips

The perfect storm is barreling down on the Northeast. What can you do to protect yourself, your family, and your home?

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