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Toyota in Turmoil

Toyota in Turmoil : Opinion Brief
Toyota announced that its profits dropped nearly 40 percent in the last quarter, just as the carmaker received positive results from a 10-month federal safety investigation.

Toyota vindicated: Does it lose anyway?

Federal investigators found no evidence that faulty electronics were to blame when cars accelerated unexpectedly. Is the ruling too late to save the brand's reputation?

Toyota in Turmoil : Instant Guide
New evidence suggests the brakes weren't engaged at the time of the Prius crashes.

Toyota's acceleration problem: Thousands of bad drivers?

Federal investigators and Toyota engineers say "virtually all" the recent Toyota crashes were caused by driver error. Is the Japanese carmaker off the hook?

Toyota in Turmoil : Opinion Brief
The Tesla.

Will Toyota's Tesla stake save the electric car?

Toyota's investment in electric car company Tesla has some wondering whether a plug-in revolution is around the corner

Toyota in Turmoil : Opinion Brief
Did Toyota cover up car malfunctions?

A Toyota 'coverup'?

Newly leaked Toyota memos reveal an internal struggle over whether to "come clean" about its cars' acceleration problems. What were they thinking?

Toyota in Turmoil : Opinion Brief
Some believe the 'runaway Prius' may have been caused by something besides faulty construction.

Was the 'Runaway Prius' a hoax?

Tests cast doubt on the tale of the California driver who blamed a stuck accelerator for his crash. Is this a godsend for Toyota's battered image?

Toyota in Turmoil : Audio
911 call.

'Runaway Prius' driver's frantic 911 call

Listen in as Jim Sikes rings for emergency help while his seemingly faulty Toyota goes out of control on a San Diego highway

Toyota in Turmoil : The List
Does Toyota have to start from scratch?

5 ways Toyota can save its brand

PR gurus offer advice on how the car maker can rescue its good name despite massive recalls

Toyota in Turmoil : Opinion Brief
Publicity mavens think Toyota can salvage its excellent brand image - if company leaders act fast.

The White House vs. Toyota

The Obama administration is hammering Toyota over its safety recalls — is it trying to help U.S. car makers?

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