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John Edwards sex scandal

John Edwards sex scandal : The List
In a memoir detailing her affair with John Edwards, Rielle Hunter says Edwards' late wife Elizabeth acted like a "witch on wheels" outside the campaign spotlight.

John Edwards' mistress Rielle Hunter: 6 sordid details from her new book

It appears the disgraced two-time presidential candidate still has a little farther to fall before he reaches rock bottom — and Hunter is helping him get there

John Edwards sex scandal : Opinion Brief
John Edwards may believe that God isn't "quite done" with him, but he'll have to overcome the American public's disgust first.

Can John Edwards make a comeback?

It seems clear the disgraced two-time presidential contender will never hold office again. But he could find a way to do "good things"

John Edwards sex scandal : Fact Sheet
John Edwards leaves a North Carolina courthouse after his campaign finance fraud case ended in a mistrial on Thursday. Edwards noted that he still doesn't believe he did anything illegal, but that he did do "an awful, awful lot that is wrong."

The John Edwards mistrial: What now?

After a long, colorful trial, the former presidential hopeful goes free, but the Justice Department may not be ready to let Edwards walk

John Edwards sex scandal : Burning Question
Only 3 percent of registered voters have a favorable view of admitted adulterer John Edwards, according to a new poll.

The John Edwards trial: 4 key questions

The former presidential candidate faces criminal charges for allegedly using money from big campaign donors to keep a sex scandal from sinking his '08 bid

John Edwards sex scandal : Essay
Once a respected presidential candidate, John Edwards rarely leaves his North Carolina home and has been hissed at in public.

John Edwards in exile

As his trial begins, the former presidential candidate is a haunted man, says Michael Leahy. He's also scared

John Edwards sex scandal : Opinion Brief
John Edwards was indicted last week, but you wouldn't know that from his mug shot.

John Edwards' 'creepy' mug shot

The disgraced Democrat is still grinning and glamorous, even as he faces criminal charges of improperly using campaign cash to hide an affair

John Edwards sex scandal : Analysis
The allegations against John Edwards only fuel voters' cynicism and suggest that covering up the affair can be worse than the crime itself.

5 lessons from John Edwards' fall

The former Democratic star stands accused of using campaign contributions to cover up an affair. What can we learn from Edwards' spectacular crash?

John Edwards sex scandal : Instant Guide
John Edwards responds to the press after the disgraced politico was indicted for using campaign funds to cover up his 2008 affair.

John Edwards indicted: What happens next?

The scandal-stained Democrat faces jail time over the coverup of his affair with Rielle Hunter. Here's a brief guide to the career-destroying mess

John Edwards sex scandal : Opinion Brief
To save himself from an embarrassing trial, John Edwards is reportedly trying to strike a plea deal that would strip him of his law license and possibly send him to jail.

Does John Edwards deserve a plea deal?

Having allegedly used presidential campaign funds to cover up a scandalous affair, Edwards is reportedly looking to avoid an embarrassing trial... for a price

John Edwards sex scandal : Best Column
Whatever happened to Edwards?

John Edwards' disappearing act

Hunted and lonely, the former presidential candidate has all but vanished from public life, writes Diane Dimond in The Daily Beast, as he braces for a possible grand jury indictment

John Edwards sex scandal : Forecast
John Edwards has a "striking" physique, according to a source who claims to have seen the former presidential candidate's sex tape.

Casting the 'John Edwards' movie: Top six suggestions

Best-selling John Edwards exposé "The Politician" may soon become a feature film. Who should play the disgraced Democrat?

John Edwards sex scandal : Opinion Brief
A photo from GQ's Rielle Hunter photoshoot.

Is Rielle Hunter a victim?

John Edwards' mistress gave her first post-scandal interview to GQ. Now, she's claiming the magazine tricked her into posing half-naked

John Edwards sex scandal : Fact Sheet
Who is Rielle Hunter?

11 things you didn't know about Rielle Hunter

Her relationship with John Edwards made her a household name. But Rielle Hunter had a very busy — and intriguing — life before all that

John Edwards sex scandal : Controversy
Politician John Edwards.

'The Politician': John Edwards' worst nightmare?

A new tell-all book is threatening to further devastate Edwards's reputation, says 'The Wall Street Journal' — here, the 10 most shocking allegations

John Edwards sex scandal : Opinion Brief
Politican John Edwards.

A John Edwards sex tape?

Edwards and former mistress Rielle Hunter reportedly documented their illicit affair, raising new questions about the ex-Senator's judgment

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