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Sarah Palin, media star

Sarah Palin, media star : Best Column
"Sarah Palin's Alaska" was filled with "patently insincere assertions" that killed the former governor's political career, says John Doyle in The Globe and Mail.

How TV created, then destroyed, Sarah Palin

Palin's political downfall is inextricably linked to her initial appeal as a made-for-television politician, says John Doyle in The Globe and Mail

Sarah Palin, media star : Opinion Brief
All eyes will be on Julianne Moore as she tries to pull off a non-caricature portrayal of Sarah Palin in the forthcoming TV-movie version of the gossipy book "Game Change."

Is Julianne Moore the right choice to play Sarah Palin?

HBO casts the flame-haired actress as America's most famous (and most pilloried) conservative. Was Tina Fey not available?

Sarah Palin, media star : Opinion Brief
Bill O'Reilly played hardball with Sarah Palin Friday, pressing her for specifics on Social Security and other issues, but the former governor fought back.

Bill O'Reilly grills Sarah Palin: Who won?

The Alaskan conservative gets a little testy when Fox News' interrupter-in-chief asks her some tough questions about entitlement reform

Sarah Palin, media star : Flashback
Since her debut on the national political scene in 2008, Sarah Palin has built an empire through book tours and television appearances.

Only in America: Can Sarah Palin trademark her name?

The divisive Alaskan and her daughter want to block impersonators from profiting off them. Will Palin soon be Palin®?

Sarah Palin, media star : Opinion Brief
Upon arriving in Wasilla, Kate Gosslin attended a class on how to survive a bear attack while camping.

When Sarah Palin met Kate Gosselin

Last night on "Sarah Palin's Alaska," the Mama Grizzly camped out with the infamous mother of eight and her kids — in a set-up designed to highlight the two women's contrasts

Sarah Palin, media star : Fact Sheet
Sarah Palin reveals her cultural preferences including a fondness for Judd Apatow's "Knocked Up."

Sarah Palin's 'America By Heart': 4 takeaways

The Alaskan conservative's new book won't be released until Tuesday, but here are the parts already making news

Sarah Palin, media star : Opinion Brief
Sarah Palin reportedly received $1 million per episode for the reality TV show.

'Sarah Palin's Alaska': Reality show or campaign ad?

The former VP candidate's TLC reality show made its international debut on Sunday night — and some commentators detect a political agenda

Sarah Palin, media star : Opinion Brief
"On a clear day, you can even see Russia from here... almost," quips former governor Sarah Palin in the promo for "Alaska."

Palin's reality show: What's her agenda?

The makers of "Sarah Palin's Alaska" say it is a determinedly non-political look at the northernmost state. Some pundits disagree

Sarah Palin, media star : Opinion Brief
Sarah Palin hits the Alaskan outdoors with her family and a TLC camera crew in tow.

A first look at 'Sarah Palin's Alaska'

Move over, Snooki. A 30-second trailer for the former governor's TLC series positions her as America's newest reality-TV star  

Sarah Palin, media star : Opinion Brief
O'Reilly and Palin have another tense exchange.

O'Reilly vs. Palin

A pushy Bill O'Reilly interview has some wondering whether he's lost respect for the politics of his Fox News colleague Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin, media star : Opinion Brief
Political blog Wonkette pointed to this photo, among others, as "proof" that Palin had her "assets" enhanced.

Sarah Palin's 'Boobgate': The aftermath

Bloggers went into overdrive last week amid speculation that Palin had gone under the knife — but mainstream pundits say breast size is hardly the issue

Sarah Palin, media star : Instant Guide
Sarah Palin's new book: More "hopey-changey" lit?

Sarah Palin's 'America by Heart': Another book already?

On the heels of her best-selling memoir, Going Rogue, Palin is readying a new book that commentators are struggling to describe. Here's a quick guide  

Sarah Palin, media star : Opinion Brief
Why are Palin and LL Cool J feuding?

Fox fake-out: Palin's 'interview' with LL Cool J

Will a messy public feud with the rapper taint the debut of Sarah Palin's new Fox show Real American Stories

Sarah Palin, media star : Opinion Brief
The always unpredictable Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin's book-buying scandal

Palin's PAC spent $63,000 on her own memoir. Is the conservative icon using political donations to pad her wallet?

Sarah Palin, media star : Opinion Brief
The always unpredictable Sarah Palin

Grading Palin's Fox News debut

Was Sarah Palin's first appearance as a Fox News pundit on "The O'Reilly Factor" a breakthrough — or a bomb?

Sarah Palin, media star : Opinion Brief
Sarah Palin's 'Going Rogue'

Sarah Palin's 'whiny' book

Leaked sections from Sarah Palin's upcoming memoir "Going Rogue" already have her critics seeing red

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