Supreme Court : Analysis
President Obama talks with the winners of the Dinner with Barack fundraising contest on Oct. 12, 2012.

Are campaign contribution limits unconstitutional?

The Supreme Court will take a look at the biggest challenge to election finance law since the 2010 Citizens United case

Supreme Court : Analysis
"If we cannot have moral feelings against homosexuality, can we have it against murder?"

Justice Antonin Scalia compares homosexuality to murder

Presumably, Scalia will not be one of the justices voting to uphold the constitutionality of same-sex marriage

Supreme Court : Analysis
A couple walks through City Hall in San Francisco before their wedding ceremony.

Will the Supreme Court uphold same-sex marriage?

Swing vote Anthony Kennedy is a strong supporter of gay rights, so...

Supreme Court : The List
Plaintiff Abigail Noel Fisher stands with her attorney after the Supreme Court heard arguments on Oct. 10 in a key affirmative action case.

The Supreme Court debates affirmative action: 3 takeaways

There's a decent chance that the conservative-leaning court could strike down affirmative-action admissions policies at public universities

Supreme Court : Forecast
During a new term that begins on Oct. 1, the Supreme Court could decide to accept challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act and California's Proposition 8, which both define marriage as between a man and woman.

3 cases to watch in the Supreme Court's new term

The high court is taking on hot-button issues such as affirmative action, and may also hand down rulings on gay marriage and civil rights protections

Supreme Court : Fact Sheet
An artist's rendering shows Chief Justice John Roberts (center) on June 28, when the Supreme Court released its momentous ObamaCare decision.

The ObamaCare decision: 3 new behind-the-scenes revelations

The fiercely secretive Supreme Court has sprung at least two leaks — and some very compelling information has spilled out

Supreme Court : Opinion Brief
Chief Justice John Roberts speaks at the opening celebration of the Centennial of the U.S. Courthouse in Providence, RI., in 2008: Roberts may write the ObamaCare decision, but Justice Anthony Kennedy is the real decider, says Noah Feldman at Bloomberg.

ObamaCare: A legacy-defining decision for John Roberts?

The chief justice is widely expected to write the Supreme Court's historic decision on the 2010 health-care law, in what could become his biggest career moment

Supreme Court : Instant Guide
The Supreme Court threw out existing penalties the FCC had imposed on networks for nudity and profanity, but left the door open for further policing by the FCC.

The Supreme Court's ruling on TV profanity: The fallout

The justices unanimously throw out fines for fleeting flashes of nudity and expletives on broadcast shows. Will an onslaught of flesh and foul language follow?

Supreme Court : Opinion Brief
The Supreme Court's decision on the constitutionality of ObamaCare is expected any day now, and the only thing that seems certain is that the justices aren't going to make many people happy.

The ObamaCare ruling: A lose-lose proposition for the Supreme Court?

A new Pew poll shows that no matter how the high court rules on the health-care law, most Americans will be unhappy

Supreme Court : Burning Question
Pro-ObamaCare protesters demonstrate outside the Supreme Court: The conservative court's decision on the health-care law could affect its poor public image.

Would upholding ObamaCare improve the Supreme Court's image?

Most Americans now disapprovingly view the Supreme Court as partisan. Can the conservative court restore its reputation by saving Obama's key achievement?

Supreme Court : Analysis
A Cleveland resident protests on Jan. 20, 2012, the second anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's Citizen's United decision: People in more than 100 cities participated in similar demonstrations.

The real story behind the Supreme Court's campaign finance showdown: 6 takeaways

The New Yorker reveals how conservative justices turned Citizens United from a minor case into one that would allow a flood of corporate money to influence elections

Supreme Court : The List
ObamaCare protesters outside the Supreme Court: Thanks, in part, to a recent series of highly politicized hearings, the Supreme Court is losing support among Americans.

The Supreme Court's historically low approval ratings: 4 theories

The high court's favorability rating is at its lowest point in 25 years — a stark reversal from the recent past, when the court enjoyed near-universal popularity

Supreme Court : Forecast
If the Supreme Court strikes down President Obama's overhaul of the health-care system, the controversial decision could erode the court's reputation as an impartial arbiter, critics say.

Would striking down ObamaCare hurt the Supreme Court's credibility?

The president's biggest domestic achievement, along with his re-election chances, are on the line. But the high court has a lot to lose, too

Supreme Court : Controversy
A man convicted of murder when he was 16 is escorted through maximum security: The Supreme Court is considering whether it's just to give such criminals life sentences without parole.

Do 14-year-old murderers deserve life in prison without parole?

The Supreme Court weighs the pros and cons of locking up young killers and throwing away the key

Supreme Court : Instant Guide
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's 2003 landmark decision upholding affirmative action in higher education is being called into question this year.

Will affirmative action survive the Supreme Court?

The conservative Roberts Court just accepted a blockbuster case that poses a threat to university policies designed to foster racial diversity

Supreme Court : Opinion Brief
The Supreme Court ruled Monday that law enforcement officials will need probable cause and a warrant before they can track a vehicle using GPS.

The Supreme Court ruling on warrantless GPS tracking: 'Simply wrong'?

The nation's highest court unanimously deems it illegal to digitally track a person's vehicle without a warrant. Will that help criminals go undetected?

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