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The Retirement Crisis

The Retirement Crisis : Opinion Brief
Only 22 percent of workers over age 55 have more than $250,000 saved up for their retirement.

Are 401(k)s a failed experiment?

As Baby Boomers approach retirement age, it's clear that most have not saved enough to live out their golden years in comfort

The Retirement Crisis : In-depth briefing
The average balance in America's 50 million 401(k) accounts is just over $60,000. Even people within 10 years of retirement have saved an average of only $78,000.

How 401(k)s are failing millions of Americans

More than half of U.S. workers have no retirement plan at all. And even those who do have a 401(k) typically don't have enough money to retire comfortably

The Retirement Crisis : Opinion Brief
The U.S. Treasury prints Social Security checks: "The Washington Post" touches off a debate by warning that the federal retirement benefits program became "cash negative" last year.

Is Social Security really facing an imminent crisis?

The Washington Post warns that we're in big trouble because the federal retirement program went into the red last year

The Retirement Crisis : Opinion Brief
The senior lobby AARP recently said it would support some Social Security cuts.

Social Security: Did AARP sell out its seniors?

The powerful lobby for senior citizens stuns Democrats by suggesting a willingness to endorse benefits cuts

The Retirement Crisis : Instant Guide
An avatar in the virtual world computer game Second Life in front of an ATM: Researchers are testing out the effects of virtual reality on Americans' ability to save for retirement.

Can virtual reality convince Americans to save for retirement?

By showing people old-age versions of themselves, researchers hope to encourage long-term planning

The Retirement Crisis : By the numbers
The baby boom generation may be hitting retirement age, but shrinking 401(k) accounts may force many of them to stay in the workforce.

The baby boomer 'nest-egg myth': By the numbers

Boomers are reaching retirement age, but many aren't sufficiently well-off to stop working. Here's a stats-based overview of the problem

The Retirement Crisis : In-depth briefing
More than half of the promised state pension funds will reportedly run dry by 2027.

The pension time bomb

State governments have promised public employees trillions in retirement benefits. Only problem: The money to pay them doesn’t exist

The Retirement Crisis : Burning Question
"Never-tirees" are people who continue to work well beyond their retirement age, including those who do not need the income.

Traditional retirement: R.I.P.?

Millionaire entrepreneurs are continuing to work well into their 60s and 70s, but unemployment, and poverty, is on the rise for those 55 and older. What gives?

The Retirement Crisis : Best Column
Conservatives argue that large retirement packages for firemen and teachers exemplify inefficient government.

Teachers and firemen: The new 'welfare queens'?

The conservative outcry against cushy public-sector pensions sounds reasonable, says Jonathan Cohn in The New Republic. If only it were true...

The Retirement Crisis : Opinion Brief
Should new employees be automatically set up with an IRA?

Should retirement saving be mandatory?

Democrats and the AARP want private employers to automatically open retirement accounts for new workers. Smart or intrusive?

The Retirement Crisis : Opinion Brief
Should older people stay in the work force until the age of 70?

GOP: Raise retirement age to 70?

House Minority Leader John Boehner says Republicans will make cuts to save Social Security if they gain control of Congress. Is that wise, and fair?

The Retirement Crisis : Best Column
Some experts say that the "golden years" are over.

The end of retirement

With economic devastation everywhere, says Michael Schrage in Harvard Business Review, you'll have to keep working longer than you thought. Deal with it

The Retirement Crisis : Fact Sheet
The end of the Golden Years?

America's retirement crisis: A concise guide

One in four American workers has saved less than $1,000 for retirement. Are "The Golden Years" a fading dream?

The Retirement Crisis : The List
Alec Baldwin can't seem to stay in retirement.

Top 8 celebrities who supposedly 'retired'

Even if you can afford to retire, it's isn't easy psychologically. Celebrity history is full of adamant quitters who quickly changed their minds

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