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Israel vs. The Palestinians

Israel vs. The Palestinians : The List
Israeli soldiers carry a flag-draped coffin after violence erupted Thursday night in Israel and Gaza.

The terror attack on Israel's Egyptian border: 3 lessons

Suspected al-Qaeda-linked Palestinians attack Israel from Sinai, and Israel swiftly retaliates. What now?

Israel vs. The Palestinians : The Bullpen
David Frum

David Frum: The anti-Israel crowd's favorite British law

After years of seeing Israeli heroes charged under a misguided and easily exploited British law, U.K. politicians are finally wising up

Israel vs. The Palestinians : In-depth briefing
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he would like to see a two-state solution, but under guidelines that severely restrict negotiations.

Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel’s hard-liner in chief

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s wariness about compromising with the Palestinians has deep roots

Israel vs. The Palestinians : Opinion Brief
The week-long back-and-forth between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama has commentators choosing sides over who fared better in the public spat.

Netanyahu vs. Obama: Who won?

Israel's prime minister and President Obama have clashed for a week over how to restart Mideast peace talks. And as the dust settles...

Israel vs. The Palestinians : Opinion Brief
Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, just days after butting heads with President Obama about Mideast peace.

Netanyahu's 'useless' feud with Obama

Israel's prime minister has had a public falling out with Obama over the president's proposal for restarting Mideast peace talks. Is Bibi just hurting himself?

Israel vs. The Palestinians : Opinion Brief
President Obama meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday, a day after calling, contentiously, for a return to pre-1967 borders in Israel.

Did Obama 'disrespect' Israel's Netanyahu?

Obama and the Israeli prime minister made a rather tense joint appearance Friday, a day after Obama called out Israel in a globally broadcast speech

Israel vs. The Palestinians : Opinion Brief
President Obama's Mideast speech was criticized by both Israeli and Palestinian leaders, which some say could further hurt peace negotiations.

Did Obama's Mideast speech crush hopes for peace?

Israeli and Palestinian leaders take turns lashing out at the president's proposals to revive Mideast peace talks. Now what?

Israel vs. The Palestinians : Opinion Brief
Palestinians wave flags on the anniversary of Israel's creation: Protests turned deadly this weekend after Israeli defense forces fired on demonstrators who tried to crash the nation's borders.

Death on the Syria-Israel border: 'Political theater'?

More than a dozen protesters died Sunday in border clashes with Israeli soldiers. Was this just a Palestinian stunt, or evidence that the Arab Spring has reached Israel?

Israel vs. The Palestinians : Opinion Brief
The accord between leaders of Palestinian rivals Hamas (left) and Fatah (right) calls for a joint caretaker government until elections can be held next year.

Is the Fatah-Hamas deal a 'disaster'?

The rival Palestinian groups make their reconciliation official, but what's seen as progress could be a dangerous step backwards

Israel vs. The Palestinians : Opinion Brief
Senior Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza: U.S. Congressional members are threatening to pull funding if Palestine moves forward with a government that includes Hamas.

Should the U.S. stop funding the Palestinians?

The rapprochement between Hamas, which the U.S. and Israel consider a terrorist group, and Fatah is imperiling Washington's aid to the Palestinian Authority

Israel vs. The Palestinians : Forecast
Leaders of the rival Palestinian movements, Azzam al Ahmad of Fatah (left) and Mousa Abu Marzook of Hamas, inked a deal Wednesday to end their bitter, long-running feud.

The 'historic' Palestinian reconciliation: 4 predictions

Fatah and Hamas agree to work together for the first time in years. Does this make peace with Israel more likely — or impossible?

Israel vs. The Palestinians : Opinion Brief
Palestinians sit next to the remains of a service building struck by Israeli war planes in March: Israel and Hamas reportedly agreed to a ceasefire Monday.

A flicker of hope in Gaza?

After a surge in rocket attacks, Hamas and Israel hold their fire... for now

Israel vs. The Palestinians : Opinion Brief
Richard Goldstone, head of the U.N. Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza conflict, seems to be stepping back from his earlier claim that Israel engaged in potential war crimes.

Goldstone's war-crimes reversal: Vindication for Israel?

The author of a hard-hitting U.N. report on Israel's incursion into Gaza revisits the issue in a Washington Post op-ed. Is he clearing Israeli forces of war crimes?

Israel vs. The Palestinians : Opinion Brief
Palestinians rally for unity in Gaza last month: The U.N. may formally recognize the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem as a Palestinian state this fall, drawing Israel's ire.

Should the U.N. recognize a Palestinian nation?

Momentum is building for the United Nations to formally recognize a Palestinian state, which would likely enrage Israel. Can anyone save the Mideast peace process?

Israel vs. The Palestinians : Opinion Brief
President Obama with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: Are relations growing more strained?

Did Obama 'sell out' Israel?

Critics attack the White House for offering to support a U.N. Security Council condemnation of Israeli settlements

Israel vs. The Palestinians : Opinion Brief
Palestinians are reportedly criticizing President Mahmoud Abbas on Facebook and Twitter.

Could the 'Palestine Papers' spark a Tunisia-style uprising?

Al Jazeera's trove of leaked documents has provoked violence on the streets of Gaza and Ramallah. Can the Palestinian Authority survive?

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