Glenn Beck Under Fire

Glenn Beck Under Fire : Best Video
Glenn Beck calls conservative Mike Huckabee a "progressive," and the possible 2012 GOP contender fires back that the Fox News host is just "inept."

Glenn Beck vs. Mike Huckabee

The mercurial media star calls the Republican politician a "progressive." Well, Beck is "inept," Huckabee scoffs back. Throwdown!

Glenn Beck Under Fire : Burning Question
The Daily Caller has accused Glenn Beck of lifting video, audio, and ideas from other conservative thinkers, and disguising them as his own.

Is Glenn Beck an idea thief?

The Daily Caller says the mercurial Fox News host rips off some of his best talking points from other right-wing thinkers

Glenn Beck Under Fire : Opinion Brief
Glenn Beck's conservative talk radio show is part of Premiere Radio Network's, which reportedly pays actors to call in to radio programs.

Do Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck hire fake callers?

Premiere Networks, which syndicates many of the biggest talk-radio shows, sometimes pays "angry" actors to call in to their programs. Are Limbaugh and Beck involved?

Glenn Beck Under Fire : Opinion Brief
Since summoning more than 100,000 fans to his "Restoring Honor" rally last August (pictured), Glenn Beck has lost more than one million viewers of his Fox show.

Will Fox News really dump Glenn Beck?

The cable news giant may part ways with the conservative firebrand at the end of the year, reports The New York Times

Glenn Beck Under Fire : Opinion Brief
When it comes to commentary on the Egypt revolt, Glenn Beck is marginalizing himself with his "hysteria," says conservative columnist William Kristol.

Are conservatives turning on Glenn Beck?

The Weekly Standard's William Kristol has taken Beck to task for his stance on Egypt. Some say it's a sign that the Right is fed up with one of Fox News' most vivid personalities

Glenn Beck Under Fire : Opinion Brief
Glenn Beck should be penalized for his on-air references to the Holocaust, says a prominent group of Rabbis.

Rabbis vs. Glenn Beck

400 Jewish leaders are calling on Rupert Murdoch to punish Glenn Beck for making references to the Holocaust. Should the Fox News owner comply?

Glenn Beck Under Fire : Opinion Brief
Glenn Beck says he looks to God, not Darwin, to understand how humans came to exist.

Glenn Beck vs. evolution

Surprise, surprise, say gleeful liberals, after the conservative icon reveals that he doesn't believe in Darwin's theory of evolution

Glenn Beck Under Fire : Opinion Brief
Did Glenn Beck's theories unhinge an impressionable listener?

Did Glenn Beck inspire a right-wing terrorism plot?

The so-called progressive-hunter Byron Williams says Beck played a role in persuading him to plot violence against liberal groups

Glenn Beck Under Fire : The List
Beck under attack: The conservative talk show host is the target of a "caustic" new biography.

The Glenn Beck bio 'Tears of a Clown': 5 talking points

Journalist Dana Milbank slams the conservative radio host for his alleged use of Mormon code, poor grasp of history, and much more

Glenn Beck Under Fire : By the numbers
Spectators fill the National Mall from the Lincoln Memorial to the World War II Memorial during the 'Restoring Honor' event.

Glenn Beck's rally: The war over crowd numbers

Three days after Beck's 'Restoring Honor' rally, the debate rages on: Just how many Tea Partiers flooded the National Mall?

Glenn Beck Under Fire : Opinion Brief
Fox News personality Glenn Beck speaks during the 'Restoring Honor' rally on August 28, 2010 in Washington, DC.

Glenn Beck's 8/28 rally: The fallout

After all the hype and the headlines, what did the Fox News host's 'Restoring Honor' event accomplish?  

Glenn Beck Under Fire : Opinion Brief
Glenn Beck is hosting a rally in Washington this weekend predicted to draw over 100,000 people.

Glenn Beck's 'insanely melodramatic' 8/28 rally commercial

Beck's ebulliently patriotic ad promoting his "Restoring Honor" rally is earning both jeers and cheers

Glenn Beck Under Fire : Instant Guide
Beck will speak at the rally, as will Sarah Palin.

Glenn Beck's 8/28 rally: An instant guide

Is the Fox News host's event a bold attempt to restore honor to America, a Tea Party-inspired anti-tax event, or merely an orgy of self-promotion? 

Glenn Beck Under Fire : Best Column
Talk show host Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck is about to get somebody killed

A fan of the right-wing host very nearly carried out a mass-murder plot recently, says Eric Boehlert in the Huffington Post. Clearly, Beck is going too far

Glenn Beck Under Fire : Opinion Brief
Glenn Beck.

The Glenn Beck parking lot debacle

More than 50 Glenn Beck fans had their cars towed from a University of Central Florida parking lot. Who would do such a thing?

Glenn Beck Under Fire : Fact Sheet
Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck's apocalyptic new novel?

Fox's professional provocateur likes to warn America that the end is nigh. Now, he's actually plotting... in his first novel

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