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Unemployed in America

Unemployed in America : Instant Guide
Unemployment is hard on everyone, but it's worse for men, who are typically still viewed as "breadwinners."

How unemployment can kill you

A new study finds that the stress of joblessness can increase the risk of premature death by 63 percent

Unemployed in America : Analysis
On April 19, McDonald's will hire 50,000 people in a single day, adding to their current workforce of 650,000.

McDonald's 50,000-person hiring spree: By the numbers

The fast food giant is adding tens of thousands of McJobs to the economy. Will it help the recovery?

Unemployed in America : The List
Protesters gather in New York City Friday demanding more jobs: The unemployment rate is at its lowest point in two years, but commentators worry that a true recovery is still a long way off.

Unemployment is down... but here's the bad news

Don't break out the bubbly just yet. Unemployment may have reached a two-year low in March, but here are six reasons why real recovery may still be far, far away

Unemployed in America : Fact Sheet
Today's depressed job market may weigh heavily on the unemployed, but a new study finds that a bad job can be even more detrimental to one's mental health.

Is a bad job worse than no job?

That's one conclusion from a new study on mental health. Isn't having a job supposed to make you happier?

Unemployed in America : In-depth briefing
An employee in Ford's mexico-based factory works on a car; The U.S. automaker's international expansion has caused a 16 percent drop in it's American-employed workforce.

Where America's jobs went

In a globalized economy, American corporations are rapidly shifting their workforces abroad

Unemployed in America : Best Column
Job seekers get resume help at an expo in San Francisco, while the unemployment rate stubbornly hovers at 9 percent.

Why is neither political party talking about jobs?

Both Democrats and Republicans think deficit reduction is our top priority, says Ari Berman in The Nation. The American people disagree

Unemployed in America : Opinion Brief
Protesters in Chicago call for jobless benefit extensions just as November unemployment numbers reveal a jump from 9.6 to 9.8 percent nationwide.

Why are there still no new jobs?

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says unemployment may remain painfully high for years to come. Why?

Unemployed in America : Opinion Brief
Unemployed workers rally for benefit extensions. The average family receives about $290 per week from jobless benefits.

Will Congress let holiday-season jobless benefits expire?

With Thanksgiving over, lawmakers have to decide before November 30 whether to extend unemployment benefits through the holidays

Unemployed in America : Fact Sheet
Con-men are targeting job seekers at a time when unemployment is at its highest rate since 1983.

5 scams job seekers are falling for

As con men target the unemployed, Americans should watch out for work-from-home schemes, secret-shopper "opportunities," and suspiciously large first paychecks

Unemployed in America : Instant Guide
Young, unmarried couples are moving in for love and money.

Newest sign of a bad economy: 'Living in sin'

As dating couples lose their jobs, or fail to find a first one, more of them are taking the next step: Moving in together. How...romantic?

Unemployed in America : Opinion Brief
Job seekers wait in line to be interviewed at a job fair.

Did Obama really save millions of jobs?

A new Congressional Budget Office report says it did. But can we trust the numbers?

Unemployed in America : Opinion Brief
With American jobs scare and Indian wages rising, it may be cheaper to hire call-center workers in the U.S.

Indian call centers: Coming to America?

It now can be as cheap to run customer-service call centers in the U.S. as it is to outsource them to India. Given America's joblessness problem, is this a good thing?

Unemployed in America : Opinion Brief
Glenn Beck is outraged by those who think 99 weeks of unemployment benefits are not enough.

Glenn Beck vs. the '99ers'

Forget protesting Wall Street, says Glenn Beck to unemployed Americans who have claimed benefits for 99 weeks: "Go out and get a job"

Unemployed in America : Fact Sheet
There may be a link between joblessness and suicide.

Is the recession fueling a suicide epidemic?

New research suggests the nation's unemployed are committing suicide at an alarmingly high rate. A quick guide to this grim side-effect of the recession

Unemployed in America : Opinion Brief
If it's smarter not to hire new employees, job market growth is likely to remain slow.

Why aren't businesses hiring?

One entrepreneur says the federal government — specifically, the Obama administration's policies — are to blame. But do the facts support his case?

Unemployed in America : Best Column
It's never been a worse time to be middle-class, says Edward Luce in the Financial Times.

America's drowning middle class

The new normal for many U.S. families is economic desperation, says Edward Luce in the Financial Times

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