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Unemployed in America

Unemployed in America : By the numbers
Unemployed Americans can enjoy more benefits.

The jobless benefits bill: By the numbers

After weeks of partisan bickering, Congress extended jobless benefits to the long-term unemployed. Here's a numerical look a the battle

Unemployed in America : Opinion Brief
The Fed's new outlook for the economy is decidedly gloomier.

The Fed's bleaker jobs forecast: What's changed?

The Federal Reserve is less optimistic about the economy and jobs than it was in April. Commentators offer 3 theories on what's different now

Unemployed in America : Opinion Brief
Some analysts say that the GOP's move to block extended unemployment benefits serves only to punish the jobless.

Are Republicans punishing the jobless?

Democrats say Republicans are putting politics above compassion by blocking unemployment benefits

Unemployed in America : Opinion Brief
Extended aid for the unemployed: Bad idea?

Killing the jobs bill: Cynical or sensible?

Are Republicans restoring fiscal sanity, or sabotaging the economy to win votes?

Unemployed in America : Opinion Brief
Should people seeking unemployment benefits be forced to take a urine test?

Drug tests for the unemployed?

Sen. Orrin Hatch doesn't want jobless benefits to go to drug users. But is testing everyone who's out of work in a major recession a good policy?

Unemployed in America : Opinion Brief
Could your hard work be damaging others?

Somebody's jobless because... you're overworked?

Is the high productivity of America's slimmed-down workforce the real reason the economy isn't creating more jobs?

Unemployed in America : Opinion Brief
Should Obama deem the stimulus a succees?

2 million stimulus jobs? Really?

Obama declared the stimulus a stunning success. Did it create as many jobs as the president says?

Unemployed in America : Opinion Brief
A growing number of Americans are dissatisfied with their work.

Why Americans hate their jobs

A majority of Americans now say they're unhappy at work. Is this a crisis—or have we become a nation of whiners?

Unemployed in America : By the numbers
Are men losing more in this recession?

Is the recession harder on men?

With far more men than women are losing work, commentators debate whether we're in a "he-cession"

Unemployed in America : In-depth briefing
Unemployment takes its toll.

Out of work - and out of hope

With unemployment passing 10 percent and millions of jobs gone for good, the recession is taking a brutal human toll.

Unemployed in America : Opinion Brief
Should Obama deem the stimulus a succees?

Obama: A double-dip recession?

Why the president warned that rising U.S. debt could start another downturn, and why critics say it's his fault

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