Air Rage : Opinion Brief
Former Miss USA Susie Castillo gets emotional as she recounts her experience receiving a full pat-down by a TSA agent at the Dallas Fort-Worth airport this week.

A former Miss USA: 'Molested' by the TSA?

In a tearful video, former pageant winner Susie Castillo says a female TSA agent repeatedly touched her inappropriately during a security patdown

Air Rage : Opinion Brief
Is an overhead bin an appropriate venue in which to play peek-a-boo with a 17-month-old child?

Locking a toddler in the overhead bin: Worst joke ever?

A Virgin Blue flight attendant gets canned after he locks a 17-month-old child in the overhead compartment for 10 seconds

Air Rage : Opinion Brief
Cyndi Lauper's contagious glee was able to win over a notoriously frustrated group: Stranded airline travelers.

The antidote to air rage: Cyndi Lauper?

Trapped in an Argentine airport with a bunch of angry air travelers, Lauper sings "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," and everyone mellows out. Should the TSA take note?

Air Rage : Opinion Brief
Where does all that lost airport luggage go? To a 40,000-square-foot superstore in Scottsboro, Ala., of course.

Alabama's lost-luggage superstore

Ever wonder what happens to the contents of unclaimed luggage? Drop by this unique discount store in Scottsboro, Ala.

Air Rage : Opinion Brief
"I would gladly pay extra for a child-free flight," says one frequent flier.

Are child-free flights the next travel trend?

Flying next to kids is not all right, some travelers are telling airlines, after a string of high-profile, midair tantrums

Air Rage : Opinion Brief
In "cuddle class" three economy-size seats can transform into sofas or beds for long international flights.

Airline innovation: What is 'cuddle class?'

The skies are about to get a lot friendlier for some passengers on Air New Zealand

Air Rage : Instant Guide
In-flight dining less than appetizing? Blame the noise, not the food.

Why airline food tastes so bad

A new study found a surprising connection between the blandness of in-flight meals and... flyers' ears

Air Rage : The List
Some people have been so angry with their airline that they've taken legal action.

Extreme air rage: 6 passengers who have sued airlines

Some intensely irate fliers — like the Bellevue, WA, woman who claims American Airlines traumatized her — are taking their gripes to court

Air Rage : Opinion Brief
The Express Seat option allows those who are willing to pay to board early, sit up front, and get off the plane first.

American Airlines' 'Express Seat' outrage

In the escalating effort to squeeze more income out of each flight, American is charging up to $35 extra for front-row coach seats. Will anyone pay?

Air Rage : Opinion Brief
Will Ryanair's standing-only seats take off?

Ryanair's 'standing room' flights

Regulations, be damned! The budget airline says it's introducing 'vertical seats' for standing passengers. Just a cheap publicity stunt?

Air Rage : Opinion Brief
Spirit Air wants to charge $45 for carry-on luggage. Should that be allowed?

Should carry-on baggage fees be banned?

Amid outrage at Spirit Airlines' decision to charge $45 per carry-on, Sen. Chuck Schumer wants the fee outlawed

Air Rage : Outrage Update
Would you pay $45 to bring this bag on board?

Outrage update: Spirit Airlines charges $45 for carry-on bags

As air travelers bemoan the budget airline's decision to charge fliers for carry-ons, commentators offer tongue-in-cheek travel tips

Air Rage : Opinion Brief
Should babies fly the friendly skies?

Should babies be banned from airplanes?

A CNN story on flying etiquette has sparked an online battle over a parent's right to travel with a screaming infant

Air Rage : Wit
Would you pay $8 for an airplane blanket?

Outrage update: The $8 airline blanket

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