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Climate Change : Instant Guide
Earth's atmosphere, from space.

Is the hole in the ozone closing?

New satellite data shows that the hole over Antarctica is the smallest it has been in 10 years

Climate Change : Instant Guide
Lake Michigan, as seen from North Avenue Beach, Chicago.

Why the Great Lakes are shrinking

A new report says lakes Michigan and Huron are at their lowest water levels since 1918

Climate Change : Instant Guide
More time off = Cooler global temperatures? 

Working less, vacationing more: The key to slowing global warming?

Adopting a European-style work week could help slow carbon emissions, says a new study

Climate Change : By the numbers
Wildfires, including this one in Glendora, Calif., burned 9.2 million acres in 2012.

America's hottest year ever: By the numbers

2012 was a record-melting sizzler

Climate Change : Best Video
A fishing boat on Greenland's Jacobshavn Bay sails past floating icebergs on August 26, 2007.

WATCH: An iceberg the size of a mountain cleaves itself apart

Filmmakers behind the new documentary Chasing Ice use the largest iceberg calving ever caught on film to highlight the disastrous effects of climate change

Climate Change : Instant Guide
A hiker stares up at a giant California redwood in Sequoia National Park.

The frighteningly rapid die-off of the world's oldest trees

Across the globe, our biggest and oldest trees are disappearing at 10 times the normal rate — and their demise could spell ecological disaster

Climate Change : Analysis
Say goodbye to your home, polar bears: Unless the U.N. takes radical steps, the world is likely to cross into the no-turning-back phase of global warming.

Why it's probably too late to roll back global warming

Melting ice caps and widespread drought are virtual inevitabilities

Climate Change : Instant Guide
A fishing boat on Greenland's Jacobshavn Bay sails past floating icebergs on August 26, 2007.

Did global warming stop 16 years ago?

A British newspaper ignites a new fight over climate change with its interpretation of new temperature data released by the U.K. government

Climate Change : Instant Guide
A NASA satellite image shows the new record-low Arctic ice (white), and where the ice was 30 years ago (yellow line).

How China is trying to capitalize on global warming: A guide

The Earth's changing climate is melting the Arctic ice sheets, starting a global rush for the goodies underneath

Climate Change : By the numbers
Corn plants on an Iowa farm struggle to survive after an exceptionally hot summer which will likely yield a 12-percent drop in corn production nationwide.

How July was the hottest month in history: By the numbers

According to the feds, we've suffered through temperatures unseen since they began tracking weather 118 years ago. Here's how the unsettling stats break down

Climate Change : Analysis
Kierra Waller, a 9-year-old girl from Baltimore, tries to beat the heat with a misting fan during an NFL football training camp practice in Virginia.

Are extremely hot summers becoming the norm?

Sizzling temperatures have become much more commonplace, says a new study from NASA, and they don't seem to be cooling anytime soon

Climate Change : Fact Sheet
Apparently unmoved by images of lone polar bears adrift on melting ice, 51 percent of Generation Xers admitted to not following climate change closely at all.

Why doesn't Generation X care about climate change?

Scientists are surprised to learn that Americans born between 1961 and 1981 are increasingly indifferent to rising temperatures

Climate Change : Opinion Brief
The Waldo Canyon wildfire in Colorado burns as it moves into subdivisions and destroys homes on June 26: Some Americans are drawing a direct line from global warming to this massive fire.

The Colorado wildfires: Is this what global warming looks like?

Scientists have long predicted that rising temperatures could lead to extreme weather conditions, including wildfires, droughts, freak storms, and more

Climate Change : Best Column
A balloon of the environmental group Greenpeace next to the Mayan ruins during the Rio+20 in Mexico: Climate-change deniers have poured millions of dollars into discrediting the work of climatologists — and trying to scare the climatologists out of doing their work.

Exposed: The terrifying harassment faced by climate change scientists

Anthrax scares, public humiliation, and death threats are all in a day's work for some climatologists. Popular Science's Tom Clynes reveals the backstory

Climate Change : Controversy
After the conservative Heartland Institute ran this anti-climate change billboard in Chicago, the group's president said he was sorry he'd "angered and disappointed" some Heartland supporters.

Heartland's ballsy attack on climate-change theory: The fallout

A conservative think tank drafts the Unabomber for a short-lived ad attempting to chip away at the scientific consensus on man-made climate change

Climate Change : Burning Question
A California wind farm at sunset: According to a new study, nighttime temps in the air above wind-powered turbines in Texas were 1.3 degrees warmer than in other parts of the state.

Do wind farms actually cause climate change?

A new study suggests that green-energy-creating windmills make the air they're stirring significantly warmer

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