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Climate Change : Fact Sheet
The Karakoram mountain range: Some glaciers in this patch of the Himalayas are reportedly getting bigger, even as nearby glaciers melt.

Global warming mystery: Why are some glaciers growing?

Around the world, ice caps are melting due to climate change, scientists say. But a few icy masses in the Himalayas are, weirdly enough, getting bigger

Climate Change : By the numbers
Tulips in D.C. were in full bloom by mid-March this year: Since last April, the nation has experienced the hottest 12-month stretch on record.

The warmest March in history: By the numbers

While most Americans basked in curiously toasty temperatures last month, climate scientists sounded the alarm over global warming

Climate Change : Analysis
A western Australia vineyard: Down under, grapes are ripening ever earlier, creating increasingly sweet wines.

How global warming is changing winemaking

Australian vintners are worried that climate change is affecting the flavors of their wines. But some oenophiles may actually toast the change

Climate Change : Forecast
The horse's ancient ancestor, the Sifrhippus (right), wasn't always the size of a cat but shrank over a period of time because of warming temperatures.

Will global warming make us shorter?

To forecast the future of our overheated planet, scientists looked way back — to an ancient horse the size of a house cat

Climate Change : The List
A climate change protester: Leaked documents from Chicago's Heartland Institute reveal the libertarian group is financing climate-change skeptics.

The 'secret, corporate-funded' plan to make Americans doubt climate change

In a sort of reverse "Climategate," the libertarian Heartland Institute is embarrassed by a major leak. Here, 6 of the highlights

Climate Change : Burning Question
The current concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could prevent a build up of ice sheets over time, according to a new report.

Has climate change 'blocked' the next ice age?

Carbon dioxide emissions might warm the planet enough to keep Earth from once again becoming a frozen wasteland

Climate Change : Opinion Brief
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at December's climate change conference in South Africa: World leaders salvaged a last-minute compromise, but critics say it's not nearly enough.

The U.N.'s last-minute climate deal: 'Pitiful'?

After several days of tense negotiations in South Africa, Ban Ki-moon and Co. avoid going home empty-handed. But what did they really accomplish?

Climate Change : Controversy
In 2009, a male polar bear carries the head of a polar bear cub it killed about 200 miles north of the Canadian town of Churchill.

Climate change: Forcing polar bears to become cannibals?

Shocking new photographs of an adult polar bear feasting on a juvenile are raising red flags for environmentalists 

Climate Change : By the numbers
A coal power plant in Germany: 2010 saw the largest jump in C02 emissions in years, with coal among the biggest contributors.

The record jump in global carbon emissions: By the numbers

After a brief decline in CO2 production at the height of the recession, global carbon output is higher than ever

Climate Change : Instant Guide
While white roofs, like the one on this Las Vegas Walmart store, help reduce energy use indoors, the effect the white has on global warming is not as obvious.

Can white roofs really reduce global warming?

A new study from Stanford suggests that painting the tops of buildings and houses white could do more harm than good

Climate Change : Burning Question
Turn this way for blended fruit smoothie drinks: Starbucks explores another revenue stream as coffee-bean crops increasingly come up short.

Will climate change turn Starbucks into a juice bar?

With warming temperatures and shifting rainfall hurting coffee crops, Starbucks is reportedly looking to branch out into new territory

Climate Change : Opinion Brief
Sailboats in a Texas Marina sit on land where they once floated in water: More than 95 percent of the state is experiencing drought and experts say it could last a decade.

Could Texas' mega-drought last until 2020?

A climatologist sparks debate by predicting that the Lone Star State's historic drought could persist for another decade

Climate Change : Instant Guide
Chocolate: A precious commodity as soon as 2030?

Climate change: Will chocolate become a costly luxury?

If temperatures continue to rise, a new report suggests, West Africa, source of half the world's chocolate, will be unfit to grow the coveted beans

Climate Change : Fact Sheet
Sea plankton may be shrinking in size, which could have a ripple effect on our oceans' largest mammals, such as these humpback whales.

Is global warming shrinking sea creatures? 

Researchers discover a link between warmer oceans and smaller animals — suggesting that climate change could fill the waters with shrimpy creatures

Climate Change : Instant Guide
A blimp the approximate size of the Rose Bowl (much larger than the one pictured) could help cool the planet by spraying particles that reflect sunlight back into space.

Can a giant blimp cool the planet?

Scientists want to install a stadium-size blimp 12 miles above Earth to pump out sunlight-reflecting particles — much like a volcano

Climate Change : Opinion Brief
Former Vice President Al Gore is launching yet another push for climate change awareness, this time with a 24-hour streaming broadcast.

Can Al Gore's '24 Hours of Reality' convert climate skeptics?

The environmental evangelist launches a round-the-clock initiative to raise awareness of global warming

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