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Climate Change : Instant Guide
At this Icelandic site for a new project called CarbFix, thousands of gallons of water infused with carbon dioxide will be pumped into porous volcanic rock deep underground.

Can trapping carbon dioxide in rocks stop global warming?

Researchers propose pumping damaging greenhouse gases deep into underground volcanic rock in Iceland

Climate Change : Analysis
Floods like this downpour in China and other severe weather events may be caused by climate change, and can drive people nuts with anxiety and depression, according to a new report.

Is climate change making us crazy?

A new report warns that droughts and floods can fuel severe mental-health problems like anxiety, depression, and even suicide

Climate Change : Audio
Al Gore took climate change skeptics to task last week, branding their postulations as "bullshit."

Al Gore's 'expletive-laden' climate change rant

The former vice president has some choice words for global-warming skeptics  

Climate Change : Instant Guide
A New Jersey refinery: EPA infrastructure that monitors pollution, among other things, may take a hit because of Washington's deficit-reduction deal.

Does the debt deal 'gut the EPA'?

Environmental programs and clean energy initiatives could get the axe. Can environmentalists salvage anything from the debt deal?

Climate Change : Slideshow
The Mississippi River floods in May 2011.

Climate change: How at risk is your city?

An environmental group has put together forecasts for 12 U.S. cities, and for some the future looks grim

Climate Change : Fact Sheet
Children cool off in the Bronx borough on Tuesday: A stifling heat wave has sent temperatures skyrocketing throughout the country.

America's 'oppressive' heat wave

A stifling heat dome's thick, tropical air sends temperatures skyrocketing across the country

Climate Change : Best Column
In the coming years, giant oil companies will be forced to shift away from petroleum, with "massive economic consequences," says Michael T. Klare at CBS News.

How climate change could cause a 30-year war

The world is careening toward a bloody global battle over energy, says Michael Klare at CBS News. And that's the best-case scenario

Climate Change : Opinion Brief
Al Gore says President Obama isn't living up to his climate change promises, which may bum out the liberal base the president is trying to fire up.

Green war: Al Gore vs. Barack Obama

In a scathing Rolling Stone essay, America's most famous climate-change activist slams President Obama. How much will Gore's criticisms hurt?  

Climate Change : Burning Question
Raising pigs and other livestock for food creates more greenhouse gas emissions than the world's planes and cars combined. An alternative? Lab-grown meat.

Lab-grown meat: A solution to global warming?

A new study finds that growing meat in a lab rather than slaughtering actual animals would slash greenhouse gas emissions — and taste just as good

Climate Change : Instant Guide
Scientists say we could see cooler temperatures in the next few years. Does that mean winters will be whiter?

Are we facing a mini Ice Age?

Three new studies forecast a possible global cooling — but it's not time to put away your sunscreen yet

Climate Change : Instant Guide
Allergies are getting worse, and a new study links this seasonal torture to climate change.

Bad allergies: Blame climate change?

Climbing temperatures, melting ice caps... and red, itchy eyes? A new study suggests a link between global warming and allergies

Climate Change : Opinion Brief
The Porsche 918 Spyder is a plug-in hybrid that seems uniquely conceived for filthy rich eco-zealots.

Can Porsche's $845,000 hybrid supercar save the planet?

The German company's latest speedster can go from zero to 60 in little more than three seconds... and gets 94 miles to the gallon. If only it were a wee bit more affordable

Climate Change : Fact Sheet
A nuclear test in Nevada in the 1950s: A nuclear conflict involving 50 bombs the size of that dropped on Hiroshima would cause the average global temperature to drop by about 2 degrees Fahrenheit, say scientists.

Nuclear war: The answer to global warming?

Even a relatively confined, regional conflict would immediately cool the globe, says NASA. But a nuclear chill is hardly something to wish for

Climate Change : Opinion Brief
Flood waters have forced more than 3,500 people to evacuate their homes in north-central Australia.

Is climate change to blame for the Brisbane floods?

As floods continue to spread across Australia, rising global temperatures are being cited as a cause

Climate Change : By the numbers
In May Nashville, Tennessee was pummeled with more than 13 inches of rain; In Australia floods that began in December have yet to abate.

The hottest, wettest year ever: By the numbers

Scientists say that 2010 topped the temperature and precipitation charts, providing fresh evidence that global warming is real

Climate Change : Opinion Brief
A UN delegate (right) disputes the claim of polar-bear decline with a costumed activist during the Cancun conference.

Cancun's 'hollow' climate conference

Attendees of the U.N. talks in Mexico emerged with a deal of sorts — but did the conference really achieve significant results?

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