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Climate Change : Irony Alert
A climate change activist dons a polar bear costume to demonstrate on the beaches of Cancun.

Irony alert: The unusually chilly global-warming summit

Cancun is hosting the U.N. conference on man-made climate change — amid record cold temperatures

Climate Change : Wit
Ted Turner argues that limiting families to one child would be a pivotal factor in curbing carbon emissions.

Ted Turner's 'dumb' one-child policy

The mogul-turned-environmental advocate thinks other nations should adopt China's one-child-per family policy. Let the outrage commence

Climate Change : Opinion Brief
Cancun is home to the U.N.'s climate change summit, where negotiators will focus on narrow goals.

Climate summit: Will Cancun succeed where Copenhagen failed?

After last year's disastrous talks, negotiators are giving it another go in Mexico

Climate Change : Opinion Brief
Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.) reads a few verses from Genesis 8 and Matthew 24 in the Bible to underscore his conviction that man will not destroy the earth.

A GOP leader's 'theological' take on climate change

Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.) wants to chair the House Energy and Commerce committee — should his Bible-based dismissal of global warming be a disqualifier?

Climate Change : Opinion Brief
The VSS Enterprise, Richard Bronson's commercial space flight system, competed its first manned glide flight over the Mojave Desert.

Space tourism vs. global warming

As Virgin Galactic and other companies prepare to launch the commercial space age, scientists warn of dire consequences for Earth

Climate Change : Opinion Brief
Is this carbon-belching factory contributing to global warming? Most Tea Partiers don't think so.

The Tea Party vs. global warming

Among Tea Party supporters, fewer people believe that climate change is a problem today than believe Obama is a Muslim. What does that mean?

Climate Change : Opinion Brief
Some see continuing GOP climate skepticism as a result of its core anti-government ideology.

Why Republicans doubt global warming

An essay argues that the GOP is the only major political group that doesn't believe in climate change. Why is it holding out?

Climate Change : Best Column
The leaders of the energy bill, Sens. Joe Lieberman, Lindsey Graham, and John Kerry, were known as the Three Amigos.

How Washington politics killed the climate bill: 6 key factors

The New Yorker's account of how infighting, meddling and obstructionism put the kibosh a new energy policy

Climate Change : Fact Sheet
Cooling off in Newark, N.J.

The 2010 heat wave: 7 excruciating climate records

Los Angelenos have been burning up — but they're not the only ones who have endured unprecedented temperatures this past year

Climate Change : Instant Guide
A new study finds women are climate change believers.

Do women care more than men about global warming?

A Michigan State University professor says our gender influences what we think about global warming

Climate Change : The List
Bjorn Lomborg, a renowned climate change skeptic, recently announced he's changed his mind on the topic.

6 global warming skeptics who changed their minds

Climate change doubters have just lost one of their leading lights, as writer Bjorn Lomborg calls for a worldwide carbon tax. But he's not the first high-profile defector

Climate Change : Opinion Brief
Russia's fires and Pakistan's floods are examples of how higher temperatures make "dangerous weather events" far "more destructive."

2010's 'weird' and deadly weather: Global warming taking effect?

Floods in Pakistan, fires in Russia, a heat wave in the U.S. Is this what it feels like when climate change kicks into overdrive?

Climate Change : By the numbers
The residents of Moscow find relief from the sweltering heat in city fountains.

Russia's 'hellish' heat wave: By the numbers

From Moscow to Siberia, Russia has been scorched by unprecedented heat — leaving massive death and destruction in its wake

Climate Change : Opinion Brief
Global warming: Still a hotly debated issue.

Is global warming 'undeniable'?

A new report finds an "unmistakable upward trend" in temperatures in the last three decades. Can everyone finally agree now?

Climate Change : Opinion Brief
Lindsey Graham.

Why Lindsey Graham killed the climate-change bill: 3 theories

The moderate Republican ditched his own climate and energy bill because it curbed offshore drilling. What was he thinking?

Climate Change : Opinion Brief
Are the prospects for stopping climate change melting away?

Will Obama sink the climate bill?

It's still unclear whether Obama will push for the Kerry/Lieberman climate bill — and whether it can pass if he doesn't

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