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Climate Change

Climate Change : The List
Under "cap and trade," companies with larger carbon footprints can buy "credits" from more eco-friendly ones.

The Climate Bill: 5 things you need to know

The new Senate climate bill includes electric cars, offshore drilling, new nuclear plants, and much, much more—here's a brief overview

Climate Change : Opinion Brief
The oil slick has reached the Louisiana coast, where dozens of dead sea turtles are washing ashore.

Will the BP spill kill the climate bill?

With plans for expanded offshore drilling in dispute, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are backing away from a compromise on the climate change bill.

Climate Change : Opinion Brief
Sen. Lindsey Graham: responsible for killing the climate change bill?

Did Lindsey Graham sink the climate-change bill?

A bipartisan Senate energy bill is in doubt after Graham, a South Carolina Republican, backed out. Who's to blame?

Climate Change : Opinion Brief
A new tax might raise the price of gas even higher.

Global warming tax: 20 cents per gallon?

Would you pay an extra "carbon tax" at the pump to kick start a climate-change action plan? That's what three senators are proposing  

Climate Change : Opinion Brief
Al Gore is hitting back at global warming skeptics and deniers

Climate change: Al Gore strikes back

The former VP mounts a passionate case for the science of global warming. Can he turn the recent tide of skepticism?

Climate Change : Opinion Brief
Obama address the Copenhagen climate conference.

Was Copenhagen a failure?

Obama salvaged a last-minute agreement at the U.N. climate summit. But commentators wonder if it means anything

Climate Change : Flashback
Former Vice President Al Gore had his fair share of foul-ups at Copenhagen.

Copenhagen: 7 memorable snafus

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