"March Madness" Madness

"March Madness" Madness : The List
President Obama shoots some hoops at the White House: The sports-loving commander-in-chief thinks North Carolina will be crowned champion in this year's NCAA tournament.

Obama's NCAA tournament bracket: 4 ways it panders to voters

The prognosticator-in-chief lays out his predictions for the Final Four, revealing his strategic preferences for squads hailing from swing states

"March Madness" Madness : By the numbers
Roughly 50 million Americans are expected to participate in office pools for this year's NCAA men's college basketball tournament.

How March Madness distracts workers: By the numbers

Companies could lose up to $175 million in the first two days of the NCAA tournament, as on-the-clock employees obsessively check for game updates

"March Madness" Madness : Analysis
The Kentucky Wildcats (32-2) are among the favorites to win this year's NCAA men's basketball tournament.

March Madness 2012: The 6 biggest snubs and surprises

Drexel fails to make the cut, but Iona gets in? A look at the NCAA tournament's most questionable bracket decisions

"March Madness" Madness : Opinion Brief
The number of NCAA championships won by Kemba Walker (one) equals the number of books the star guard has ever read cover to cover.

Kemba Walker's 'ridiculous' reading admission

UConn's star guard concedes that he's only read one book cover-to-cover in his entire life... and yet somehow managed to complete college in three years

"March Madness" Madness : Opinion Brief
Butler Bulldog Shawn Vanzant walks off the court Monday night after losing to the Connecticut Huskies in the NCAA championship game, a painfully low-scoring affair that saw the Cinderella team shoot a woeful 18.8 percent.

Connecticut beats Butler: Worst final in NCAA basketball history?

The Butler Bulldogs' inspirational run for the NCAA men's basketball title ends with an ugly loss to UConn. Did anybody really win in this clunker of a game?

"March Madness" Madness : Opinion Brief
Head Coach Shaka Smart and the Virginia Commonwealth Rams celebrate an unprecedented win, after their Sunday victory over Kansas solidified their spot in the NCAA tournament's Final Four.

Is VCU the biggest Cinderella story in March Madness history?

The Virginia Commonwealth Rams knocked off Kansas in this NCAA basketball tournament's most stunning upset. Is theirs the best underdog story ever?

"March Madness" Madness : Burning Question
Butler Bulldog Zach Hahn (center) jumps into the arms of teammate Matt Howard (54), who made the game-winning free throw Saturday to oust the No. 1 seed Pittsburgh Panthers.

NCAA upsets: What was the weekend's biggest surprise?

Defying prognosticators, many of college basketball's top teams failed to make it beyond the tournament's opening rounds

"March Madness" Madness : Opinion Brief
For the second year in a row, Obama chose Kansas to win the NCAA basketball championship.

What Obama's NCAA picks say about him

The First Fan makes his March Madness selections. Now for the annual game of trying to discern what they mean. Here, four theories

"March Madness" Madness : Opinion Brief
It's no secret that Obama enjoys a good basketball game, but commentators wonder whether presidents should indulge in NCAA bracket participation when the world is in crisis.

Obama's NCAA bracket: Inappropriate amid global chaos?

While the president finds time to make March Madness predictions during a period of international upheaval, his conservative critics find time to be outraged

"March Madness" Madness : Best Column
College basketball stars are often plucked for the N.B.A. draft so quickly that college teams don't have years to cohere, as they once did.

Does college basketball really matter anymore?

NCAA hoops used to be where high school stars learned the game, says Michael Sokolove in The New York Times Magazine. But now college is just a one-year rest stop on the way to the NBA

"March Madness" Madness : Opinion Brief
Duke's Jon Scheyer (left) and Brian Zoubek celebrate their 2010 NCAA championship: The NCAA broke with tradition this year by adding three more teams to its playoff slate.

March Madness: Is 68 teams too many?

This year, the NCAA added three more teams to its basketball tournament, upsetting traditionalists and confusing office bracketologists

"March Madness" Madness : Opinion Brief
Duke players Kyle Singer and Miles Plumlee celebrate a win.

Why everybody hates Duke: 5 theories

Duke University's basketball team drives fans of other schools to distraction every time the NCAA basketball tournament rolls around. Why, exactly?

"March Madness" Madness : Opinion Brief
Should the NCAA expand the March Madness tournament to 96 teams?

March Madness: Why not 96 teams?

Craving even more madness, some say the NCAA's 65-team basketball tournament is a few dozen teams short

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