Facebook : Opinion Brief
Trying to calm skittish Facebook investors, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has promised not to sell any of his 444 million shares for at least a year.

Mark Zuckerberg keeps his Facebook shares: Will it reassure investors?

The young tech whiz takes steps to renew confidence in his social network, as early investors bail and the company's share price takes a beating

Facebook : Instant Guide
Though Instagram was "sold" to Facebook for $1 billion, no money has changed hands yet, and since part of the deal was stock-based, Instagram will now only collect some $700 million.

How Facebook's tanking stock is hurting Instagram

Instagram hit the jackpot when it was bought by the social network for $1 billion — but the startup's value is dwindling as Facebook's stock slides

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Facebook has finally released an update to its "painfully slow" mobile app, but even the new version is too sluggish for some critics.

Can Facebook become a 'mobile first' company?

The social network released a retooled version of its iPhone and iPad apps on Thursday to show users and investors it's serious about smartphones

Facebook : Opinion Brief
PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel recently unloaded some 20 million shares of his Facebook stock, worth about $400 million.

Facebook insiders cashing out: A snub to investors?

Peter Thiel, an original Facebook investor and current board member, has sold almost all of his shares — which some see as a vote of no-confidence

Facebook : Analysis
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: Roughly half of Americans believe Facebook will eventually fade away, according to a recent survey.

Time for Uncle Sam to nationalize Facebook?

Yes, argues Philip Howard at Slate: Only the feds can save Facebook from itself

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Facebook's falling stock price is seen on a screen reflected in the window of the Nasdaq building in New York City, Aug. 16.

Facebook's stock plunge: Is now the time to buy?

Facebook's stock took a nose dive to a new low of just under $20 a share, making it either a sweet deal — or a trap

Facebook : Burning Question
Reportedly, 90 percent of Human Resources department workers check to make sure an applicant has a Facebook account under his or her legal name.

Are you 'suspicious' if you're not on Facebook?

Now that nearly everyone is on Facebook, employers and potential love interests might reject you if they can't find your profile

Facebook : Controversy
Mark Zuckerberg's not-so-secret disdain for Wall Street might be reason enough for the Facebook founder to give the CEO position to someone else.

Should Mark Zuckerberg step down as Facebook's CEO?

The social network's stock keeps sinking, and restless investors are calling for the 28-year-old hoodie enthusiast to relinquish the company's reins

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Facebook's latest earnings report was distinctly unencouraging and the company's failure to outline a way to cash in on the mobile market didn't help matters.

Facebook's dismal earnings report: Proof that its bubble has popped?

The social network's slowing growth disappoints investors, and its stock price slides to an all-time low. Is the party over?

Facebook : Fact Sheet
Many Facebook users are fed up with the site's advertising, giving the site's much smaller competitor Google+ an edge in the customer experience race.

Why is Facebook's user satisfaction plummeting?

A new survey suggests Facebookers are increasingly unhappy with big changes to Mark Zuckerberg's social network, while rival Google+ is pleasing its fans

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Under a new advertising strategy, Facebook will reportedly start putting targeted ads into its mobile users' News Feeds.

Facebook's risky new mobile ad campaign: Too invasive?

The social network plans a bold new advertising strategy for its mobile app users that delivers targeted ads to the News Feed based on other services they frequent

Facebook : The List
In the new memoir The Boy Kings, former Facebook employee Katherine Losse alleges that the company had a reputation for testing new female employees by making them look at inappropriate wall art.

The Facebook-insider memoir: A skeleton-key password and 4 other revelations

The company's early days were riddled with lax security measures and claims of sexual harassment... at least until COO Sheryl Sandberg cleaned things up

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Facebook's latest addition to their mobile app, "Find Friends Nearby", is a service that allows users to view the profiles of people in their proximity.

Facebook's 'Find Friends Nearby': A creepy new way to meet people?

The social network is rolling out an optional new service that connects you with like-minded strangers hanging out in your vicinity

Facebook : Instant Guide
Facial recognition technology provided by may soon be integrated into Facebook's new Camera app, as well as the recently purchased photo-sharing app Instagram.

Why is Facebook buying a facial recognition tech company?

If all goes well, Mark Zuckerberg's social network may soon be able to scan for faces in any iPhone photo you upload to Facebook

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Facebook's users growth may be slowing, but 71 percent of the country's 221 million internet users still visited the social network in April.

Will slowing user growth doom Facebook?

The social network is no longer expanding at a rapid clip, which may be evidence that the company has maxed out its capacity to grow

Facebook : Burning Question
Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard University last year: Facebook's share price opened last month at $38 per share, but has since plunged into the mid-20s range.

Facebook's IPO hype: Blame the media?

The social network's disastrous public offering burned a lot of small-time investors, many of whom were caught up in media-driven hype

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