Facebook : Opinion Brief
Kids 12 and under already log onto Facebook, despite the age 13 limit, with parents sometimes encouraging them to lie to get access to the social network.

Should little kids be allowed on Facebook?

The social networking giant is exploring ways to let kids 12 and under join Facebook, with adult supervision. Is this a smart move?

Facebook : By the numbers
At the peak of his fortune, Mark Zuckerberg had amassed $19.4 billion. The poor Facebook CEO is now down to a measly $14.4 billion.

Mark Zuckerberg's dwindling — yet still massive — fortune: By the numbers

The social media wunderkind shot onto the list of the world's 40 wealthiest people when Facebook's stock made its debut. Then, almost as quickly, he fell back off

Facebook : Fact Sheet
Facebook's share price continues to fall as many investors bet that the social network's stock value has yet to truly bottom out.

5 reasons Facebook's stock is still tanking

There seems to be no end in sight to Facebook's freefall, as investors find a host of new rationales to continue pummeling the social network's share price

Facebook : The List
The Facebook app on an iPhone: CEO Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly determined to launch a phone of his own, lest his social network fall behind Google and Apple.

5 reasons Facebook should build its own phone

According to The New York Times, the social network is determined to roll out its own smartphone — perhaps to justify its value to Wall Street after a disastrous IPO

Facebook : Analysis
On Facebook's Instagram-like camera app, users can select multiple photos to upload directly onto their Facebook wall.

Why Facebook is releasing an Instagram clone: 4 theories

The social network raised eyebrows yet again when it unveiled a camera app that's similar to the one the company just purchased. What's going on?

Facebook : Controversy
Is a slip of a nursing nipple scandalous? Facebook seems to think so and has taken a stance against certain photos of breastfeeding on its site.

6 photos that Facebook controversially banned

Facebook's business model depends on your willingness to share... and share... and keep on sharing. Here's what happens when Facebook decides you're oversharing

Facebook : Opinion Brief
A screen displays Facebook shares moments before it went public last week: The popular social network's bungled IPO could actually lead to a calmer IPO market with greater profits for investors.

Did the Facebook debacle destroy the IPO market?

Facebook's rocky Wall Street debut could have wider repercussions for companies that want to go public in the future

Facebook : Winners and Losers
The Facebook IPO is a win-lose for its founder Mark Zuckerberg who cashed in personally but is seeing his company's brand get tarnished.

Facebook's botched IPO: Winners and losers

The social network's entry into the stock market is off to a disastrous start, and as the dust settles, it's clear some players made out worse than others

Facebook : Instant Guide
Despite, or perhaps because, of all the hype, Facebook's stock price has plummeted since CEO Mark Zuckerberg rang Nasdaq's opening bell last Friday.

Who's to blame for Facebook's stock debacle?

The social network's celebratory debut on Wall Street has given way to a plunging share price and bitter recriminations

Facebook : Burning Question
A ticker in Times Square spreads news of Facebook's decline: The social network's stock value dropped 10 percent in its second day of trading.

Facebook's underwhelming IPO: Proof the stock was overhyped?

The company made a big splash in the stock market last week, raising a whopping $16 billion. This week, its share price is already plunging

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg married his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan on Saturday, just one day after shares of his company began trading for $38 each.

Mark Zuckerberg's surprise wedding: Why now?

The Facebook founder made billions on Friday, then tied the knot on Saturday. Why wait until his company went public to make the big change in his private life?

Facebook : By the numbers
Mark Zuckerberg applauds after ringing the Nasdaq's opening bell on Friday: In the first 30 seconds of trading, 80 million Facebook shares changed hands.

Facebook's historic IPO: By the numbers

It's official: Hundreds of millions of Facebook shares have hit the market, making some lucky people very, very rich

Facebook : Analysis
Mark Zuckerberg in New York earlier this month: Facebook is expected to be valued above Disney and McDonald's, but investors might be getting the short end of the stick.

6 signs investors are paying too much for Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg's ubiquitous social network will likely be valued at more than $100 billion when it launches its IPO on Friday. Is the company massively overhyped?

Facebook : Opinion Brief
A flag announcing the IPO of Facebook flies outside the JPMorgan office in New York City: GM dropped its paid advertisements from the social media site this week.

GM yanks its Facebook ads: Will it hurt the social network's IPO?

The auto giant's move raises doubts about Facebook's business model — just days before it begins selling shares to the public

Facebook : Fact Sheet
Mark Zuckerberg in 2007: The newly minted 28-year-old and soon-to-be head of a publicly traded company regularly turns to Bill Gates for advice.

The New York Times' Mark Zuckerberg profile: 4 intriguing revelations

As the young CEO hammered out a deal to buy Instagram over steak and ice cream, his lawyers sat on the couch watching the HBO series Game of Thrones

Facebook : Opinion Brief
"Mark and his signature hoodie: He's actually showing investors he doesn't care that much; he's going to be him," analyst Michael Pachter tells Bloomberg. "I think that's a mark of immaturity."

Should Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg lose the hoodie?

As he woos suit-and-tie investors on Wall Street, the 27-year-old CEO's sartorial choices are becoming a source of controversy

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