Facebook : Instant Guide
What happens to your Facebook account when you die? What about all those weird photos on Instagram? These are questions the government wants you to think about before it's too late.

Should you draft a 'social media will'?

Uncle Sam wants you to plan out exactly what should be done with your online identity after you die

Facebook : The Bullpen
Bill Frist

Bill Frist: How Facebook is reinventing organ donation

Thousands of Americans die each year waiting for heart, lung, and kidney transplants that never materialize. Mark Zuckerberg is intent on changing that

Facebook : Burning Question
Facebook Vice President of Product Chris Cox: The popular social networking site makes only $5 a year off of each of its 900 million users.

Is Facebook stock a bad investment?

The social networking behemoth is preparing to launch the largest internet IPO in history — but some investors are starting to doubt the hype

Facebook : Analysis
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg may be putting his company on the defensive by buying hundreds of Microsoft patents.

Facebook's massive patent purchase from Microsoft: 4 theories

In another blockbuster deal, the social network has agreed to pay Microsoft $550 million for hundreds of licenses once owned by AOL. Here, clues as to why

Facebook : By the numbers
As parents grow increasingly concerned with what their kids are doing online, more teens are ensuring that (most of) their Facebook accounts stay hidden from prying parental eyes.

Parental paranoia in the social media era: By the numbers

Sixty percent of American parents admit to having logged onto their teenager's Facebook account without permission — and other revelations

Facebook : Opinion Brief
California high school student, Ellie Ritter, talks to her friends through Facebook: A growing body of research suggests that a connection is not the same thing as a bond/confidant.

Is Facebook really making people more lonely?

Americans are lonelier than ever before, according to a growing body of research. All those "friends" we have on the giant social network may be part of the problem

Facebook : Controversy
A model for sportswear brand Stussy wears an absurd amount of the fashion line's clothing, which she peels off layer-by-layer with every Facebook "Like."

'Strip for Likes': Has Facebook advertising gone too far?

A racy online campaign for sportswear brand Stussy promises that a model will peel off more and more clothing as she receives Facebook "Likes"

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Facebook is hoping its pricey purchase of Instagram will seem as wise in hindsight as Google's 2006 purchase of YouTube, a similarly profit-less sharing site.

Is Instagram really worth $1 billion?

The photo-sharing app has zero revenue and a grand total of 13 employees. Did its new owner, Facebook, just flush a ton of cash down the toilet?

Facebook : Burning Question
Many Instagram users threatened to delete the popular photo-sharing app the moment news broke of Facebook's $1 billion purchase.

Could Facebook actually improve Instagram?

Many fans of the photo-sharing app are dismayed that the social network acquired Instagram for $1 billion... but maybe it's not such a bad deal, after all

Facebook : The List
Facebook bought Instagram Monday for $1 billion, raising the question of whether it will kill the app to protect its own position in the photo-sharing market.

Why Facebook bought Instagram: 4 theories

The social networking juggernaut throws down a whopping $1 billion to acquire the photo-sharing app... even though Instagram makes no money

Facebook : Fact Sheet
Your next interview just got overly personal: Some employers are reportedly asking job applicants for access to their Facebook accounts to look for problematic behavior or gang associations.

Should it be illegal to ask job candidates for Facebook passwords?

These days, if you want a job, some employers want access to your Facebook account. Is nothing sacred?

Facebook : Instant Guide
Shares of Facebook are reportedly being bought and sold on a black market of sorts long before the social network's IPO: Last year, $9.3 billion in private companies' stock was traded on such markets.

Is there a 'black market' for Facebook stock?

Investors are racing to get a piece of Facebook before it launches its feverishly anticipated IPO, and some are getting caught up in scams

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Zynga, the company behind the wildly addictive FarmVille game, is launching its own gaming portal.

Zynga's 'revolutionary' new website: Will it hurt Facebook?

The social gaming giant unveils its own dedicated platform — so you no longer have to go to Facebook for your FarmVille fix

Facebook : The List
A new flock of companies is devoted to analyzing social media data ranging from Facebook posts and tweets to Wikipedia edits and web searches with an eye to predicting everything from Oscar winners to terrorist attacks.

6 surprising things social media can predict

The FBI wants to mine social media for data it hopes can predict future terrorist attacks. But that's not the only way to use Facebook and Twitter as crystal balls

Facebook : The List
Facebook's initial public offering filing reveals that Mark Zuckerberg will still have unique power to control the company's destiny.

Facebook's 'eye-popping' IPO: 5 surprises

A number of revelations are hidden among the data points in the social network's S-1 filing

Facebook : By the numbers
A "Like" symbol outside the Facebook headquarters in California.

Facebook's $5 billion IPO: By the numbers

Everyone from CEO Mark Zuckerberg to the graffiti artist who decorated Facebook's offices is about to get very rich off one of the biggest filings in tech history

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