Facebook : Opinion Brief
Mark Zuckerberg and his team may have transformed Facebook into much more than a place to reconnect with friends, but some critics think it's still overvalued.

Is Facebook really worth $100 billion?

The social network is expected to file its IPO this week in what is seen as a "defining moment" for Silicon Valley. But are analysts overestimating its value?

Facebook : Fact Sheet
In the coming weeks, Facebook's new Timeline profile format will be forced on reluctant social networkers who have hesitated to make the switch on their own.

Facebook's mandatory Timeline switch: 4 talking points

Like it or not, users of the social network are about to switch over to its controversial new profile format. A guide to the key issues

Facebook : Instant Guide
A new Facebook app allows users to leave parting words of wisdom that are only released after they die.

'If I Die': The Facebook app that posts your last words

Send messages from beyond the grave through everyone's favorite social network 

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Facebook is joining forces with Spotify for a music sharing service that will let you see what songs your friends are listening to, and even listen along with them in real time.

Will Facebook's 'Listen With Friends' feature kill

The social network unveils a new music-sharing service — that looks a lot like another buzzy social listening site

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Facebook users can now access Timeline, the social networking site's highly anticipated "digital scrapbook" alternative to the traditional profile.

Timeline: 'The greatest thing Facebook's ever done'?

For better or worse, Facebook's new profile lays out a user's entire online history in an easy-to-graze chronological format

Facebook : Best Column
Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook has the rare opportunity to do what most previous IPOs haven't, says Francesco Guerrara in The Wall Street Journal, by cutting out Wall Street altogether.

Why Facebook should 'unfriend' Wall Street

The social network is so wildly popular, argues Francesco Guerrara in The Wall Street Journal, that it doesn't need Wall Street to sell its IPO

Facebook : By the numbers
Mark Zuckerberg may be one happy entrepreneur next year if projections that Facebook's IPO will leave him $24 billion richer come to pass.

Facebook's $100 billion IPO: By the numbers

When the social network goes public in 2012, Mark Zuckerberg's company may instantly become one of the the biggest hits in IPO history

Facebook : Fact Sheet
The feds are demanding that Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook team get users to sign off on privacy changes before they take effect.

Facebook's 'deceptive' privacy claims: The federal crackdown

With Facebook's $100 billion IPO looming, the FTC subjects the social network to strict new rules that could protect users — but hamstring Facebook. A concise guide

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Mark Zuckerberg's most recent Facebook upgrade "Seamless Sharing" requires users in some cases to install an app before clicking through to an outside link.

Is Facebook ruining sharing?

While some find Facebook's new, automatic "Seamless Sharing" feature invasive and wrong, others consider it the wave of the digital future

Facebook : Analysis
If your Facebook page is getting this kind of response, you may have fallen prey to a widespread porn-and-violent-image spam attack that hit the social networking site.

Facebook's 'porn and gore' epidemic: 4 theories

Facebook users have been facing awkward moments as graphic images of a sexual and violent nature turn up in their feeds. Who's behind this debacle?

Facebook : Instant Guide
Facebook executive Marne Levine announces the company's partnership with the Labor Department Thursday: A Facebook page will aggregate job information and sites.

Can Facebook lower unemployment?

The social networking giant is partnering with the Department of Labor on an initiative aimed at maximizing social media to help Americans land jobs

Facebook : Instant Guide
Thanks, Mark Zuckerberg? Socially connected people tend to have certain brain areas that are larger than those of their more stand-offish peers, according to a new report.

Does Facebook make your brain bigger? 

Research finds that people with more connections on Mark Zuckerberg's social network have bigger amygdalae than those with skimpy friend rosters

Facebook : Opinion Brief
The much anticipated Facebook app for the iPad has some frustrated by log-in problems, but it's still better than Facebook's mobile website, critics say.

Facebook's 'buggy' iPad app

The social network's long-awaited iPad offering is finally here — but it's saddled with a host of technical problems. Should you bother using it?

Facebook : Burning Question
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg: As intense and confident as Steve Jobs, is not as personable.

Is Mark Zuckerberg the next Steve Jobs?

As the tech world searches for an heir to Jobs' role as innovator-in-chief, many eyes are turning to the king of social networking

Facebook : Instant Guide
Jackson Rathbone stars in "Aim High," a six-episode web series that integrates your Facebook photos and musical tastes into the show's context.

Facebook's new web TV show... starring you?

Any viewer of Aim High — a spy comedy that's being called the first "social series" may notice a familiar face cleverly integrated into the show

Facebook : Best Video
Don Draper may have pitched the Kodak Carousel in "Mad Men," but his words also apply surprisingly well to Facebook's new Timeline.

Did Don Draper pitch the Facebook Timeline?

The Facebook profile redesign may be brand new, but — as a parody video notes — the Mad Men lead once pitched an eerily similar idea

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