Facebook : Controversy
The excitement over Mark Zuckerberg's recent Facebook announcement is dying down as users scrutinize the redesign's effect on privacy.

Is the new Facebook 'always watching' you?

The bloggerati loved some parts of the new Facebook redesign. But after a few days of sober reflection, they're asking tough, new questions

Facebook : The List
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a raft of new additions to his social network at the Facebook f8 developers' conference in San Francisco on Thursday.

Facebook's 'flurry of announcements': 8 highlights

Mark Zuckerberg unveils a host of big changes to the world's most popular social network. Here's what you need to know

Facebook : Best Video
On Thursday, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg unveiled "Timeline," which aims to revolutionize the profile pages of the social network's hundreds of millions of users.

Timeline: Facebook's 'really, really cool' profile redesign

At the company's annual developers conference, Mark Zuckerberg unveils a dramatic — and popular — overhaul of user profiles

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Facebook's news feed redesign has not gone over well, to say the least.

Facebook's 'enraging' News Feed revamp

The social network unveils a new homepage design — inciting outrage among those who liked things just the way they were

Facebook : Forecast
Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly going to blow Facebook users' minds on Thursday, with a big announcement about a major new feature or redesign. Yes... more change.

Facebook's 'massive' Thursday announcement: 6 predictions

The social media giant is expected to present something really, really big this week... but what?

Facebook : Analysis
Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook IPO is on hold and some speculate the young founder wants to avoid the responsibilities that come with a publicly traded company.

Facebook's delayed IPO: 5 theories

Hoping to get your hands on some Facebook stock? You'll likely have to wait more than a year, reports the Financial Times. Here's why

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Mark Zuckerberg's ever-evolving Facebook now offers a subscription service that gives users more control over what friends and followers see.

Facebook's 'tedious' new subscribe button

The social networking giant unveils a Twitter-like feature — delighting some users, and annoying others

Facebook : Best Video
The Winklevoss twins star in a new pistachio ad that shows that while they've still got Facebook on the brain, they at least they have a sense of humor about it.

The Winklevoss twins' 'bizarre' pistachio ad

Mark Zuckerberg's litigious enemies poke fun at the Facebook founder, and themselves, in their new role as nut-hawking pitchmen

Facebook : Fact Sheet
An illustration from the "Jesus Daily" Facebook page, which has the most engaged fans on the social networking site.

Jesus' 'divine' Facebook popularity

The most engaged fans on Facebook aren't obsessing over Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. They're seeking inspiration at the "Jesus Daily" page

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Thanks to Facebook's new security settings, a tagged photo of you won't appear on your profile until you approve it first.

Facebook new photo-tagging rules: A reaction to Google+?

That shot of you drunkenly chewing with your mouth open? You'll now have to give your okay before a Facebook friend can ID your face

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Expectant mothers can now share their pregnancy status automatically on Facebook, but critics say the blabby new feature overlooks the risks of miscarriage.

Facebook's 'Expected: Child' status: Oversharing?

In a hotly debated move, the social networking giant now lets users list an unborn child as a "family member"

Facebook : Petty Controversy
The infamous dollar-bill-chasing nude baby on the 1991 Nirvana album "Nevermind" was (briefly) considered offensive by Facebook administrators.

Petty controversy: Facebook vs. Nirvana's 'Nevermind' baby

In a curious move, the social-networking site banned an iconic (seemingly innocent) image, then relented after a public outcry

Facebook : The List
Facebook fans got a sneak peak at the social network's iPad app (not pictured) after an enterprising tech blogger discovered a secret version.

Facebook's new iPad app: 6 'spectacular' features

A determined tech blogger discovers a "hidden" version of the social network's much-anticipated iPad app — which is then lauded by critics

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Facebook launched its video chat app, 360 Mate, on Wednesday, and critics say it doesn't live up to Mark Zuckerberg's hype.

Is Facebook video chat really 'awesome'?

Not everyone is so sure that Mark Zuckerberg's Skype-integrated video chat is as groundbreaking and "awesome" as he says

Facebook : Best Column
Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, profiled in The New Yorker, doesn't believe in affirmative action for women.

The New Yorker's Sheryl Sandberg profile: 5 highlights

The Facebook COO has succeeded in Silicon Valley's male-dominated board rooms — and ignited controversy with her exhortations to women

Facebook : Best Column
It's time to rebel against the Facebook "like" button, and just share "what's important to you, not what you think everyone wants to hear," says Neil Strauss at The Wall Street Journal.

The dangers of Facebook's 'like' button

The internet was supposed to set us free, says Neil Strauss at The Wall Street Journal, but "like" culture has made it a prison of conformity

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