Facebook : Opinion Brief
Don't look so glum, Mark Zuckerberg. You may have lost millions of U.S. users in May, but Facebook is still on the verge of a reported $100 billion IPO.

Why Facebook lost 6 million U.S. users: 4 theories

The social networking giant reportedly lost quite a few friends in May. Market saturation, or the beginning of the end?

Facebook : Instant Guide
Facebook's facial recognition technology automatically identifies and "tags" people in photos, which some decry as a violation of privacy.

Facebook's facial recognition: Privacy invasion?

Once again, the social media giant is accused of violating users' privacy, this time with technology that automatically identifies and tags people in photos

Facebook : By the numbers
An iconic Facebook cushion on sale in China: The social networking site is close to amassing 700 million global users.

Facebook's 'absolutely jaw-dropping milestone': By the numbers

Statisticians say the social networking giant is nearing 700 million users worldwide. Here's how that breaks down

Facebook : Wit
Mark Zuckerberg is trying to develop responsible eating habits by only eating meat that he kills himself.

Mark Zuckerberg's 'odd' new diet: Only what he kills

The geeky billionaire Facebook founder has chosen to eat only meat from animals he slaughters himself. Let the wisecracks begin

Facebook : Instant Guide
It looks innocent, but, even when it isn't clicked, the Facebook "Like" button tracks the whereabouts of any user who logged into Facebook within the last month.

Is Facebook's 'Like' button spying on you?

The Facebook "Like" and Twitter "Tweet" buttons that appear on so many websites do a lot more than just help you share content with friends

Facebook : Opinion Brief
A teen checks Facebook on her iPhone: A California bill could give parents the right to police their teenagers' Facebook pages, demanding the site remove problematic posts.

Should parents get to control their kids' Facebook pages?

A California bill would let parents prune what their kids post online. A critical victory for parents or a strangely heavy-handed law?

Facebook : Winners and Losers
Mark Zuckerberg attends a town hall style meeting in April: Commentators say Facebook's attempt to plant critical stories about Google makes the 27-year-old CEO look "amateurish."

Facebook's 'scummy' scheme to hurt Google: Winners and losers

The social network has admitted hiring a PR firm to plant critical stories about Google in the press. Who wins and who loses in this battle of tech titans?

Facebook : Fact Sheet
Facebook has 5 million American members who are age 10 or younger, according to a new report.

Facebook's 'disturbing' pre-teen problem

A new survey says millions of American children are on Facebook — in violation of the site's easy-to-evade age requirements

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Facebook is the world's most "comprehensive database about people"... and is sometimes tapped by U.S. spy agencies, says WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Is Facebook really an 'appalling spying machine'?

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange thinks so, claiming that Facebook could be used by government agencies to get personal information about anyone

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Facebook is still a private company, but the moment it goes public, Mark Zuckerberg will really be rolling in it: The company is reportedly now valued at $100 billion.

Is Facebook worth $100 billion now?

Analysts were skeptical when investors valued Facebook at $50 billion. Now, people familiar with the numbers says it's more like $100 billion. Really?

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Facebook entered the online-deal market Tuesday with discounts emphasizing group activities and the site's inherent popularity might make it a no-brainer for businesses.

Facebook Deals: A Groupon killer?

The social-networking giant now offers daily shopping deals. Can the new program overtake Groupon and LivingSocial — and make Facebook a force in commerce?

Facebook : Opinion Brief
A series of circa-2003 emails that his attorneys say are phonies allege that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg backstabbed an early investor.

Does the man suing for 50 percent of Facebook actually have a case?

Paul Ceglia claims he is entitled to half the company, citing a 2003 contract he signed with Mark Zuckerberg. Legit complaint, or is this a scam?

Facebook : Opinion Brief
China may finally be getting a government-approved version of Facebook, after Mark Zuckerberg reportedly put together a deal for the world's largest social network to gain a foothold in the world's largest country.

Should Facebook launch in China?

Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly bringing Chinese users a government-approved social-networking site

Facebook : Opinion Brief
With a groundbreaking, energy-efficient server, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg may be trying to make boring technology sexy... or at least interesting to the general public.

Facebook's Open Compute Project: What does it mean?

The social-networking giant designs a greener and cheaper server... and it's offering to share the technology with rivals. Why?

Facebook : The List
Before updating their statuses, teachers might want to take to heart lessons of other education professionals who were busted for saying too much on Facebook.

Teachers oversharing on Facebook: 6 cautionary tales

Calling your students "future criminals" on Facebook? How about mocking a 7-year-old's hair? For some observers, these tell-all teachers crossed the line

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Want a girlfriend? Shell out a few bucks and a new internet start-up will give you one... a fake one, that is.

Cloud girlfriends on Facebook: Cool or creepy?

A new company promises customers a fake admirer who will post flattering messages on your wall

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