Facebook : Opinion Brief
Pediatricians warn that the barrage of Facebook status updates and photo sharing can cause some teens to feel isolated and, may lead to depression.

'Facebook depression': The new childhood threat

Pediatricians warn that kids barraged with friends' happy Facebook posts and photos can wind up feeling left out. Is there truth to their claims?

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Robert Gibbs may have said goodbye to his post as White House Press Secretary in February but he could already be saying hello to a new gig at Facebook.

Should Facebook hire Robert Gibbs?

The tech giant reportedly wants to enlist Obama's former press secretary to help it communicate better

Facebook : Wit
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, with longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan and their new puppy Beast, finally announced on Facebook that he is "in a relationship."

Mark Zuckerberg's finally 'in a relationship': Let the ribbing begin

The Facebook founder has been dating Priscilla Chan since college, but just changed his Facebook relationship status from "single" this week

Facebook : Wit
Beast, the two-month-old Puli Hungarian Sheepdog, already has more than 27,000 Facebook fans, including his famous father, Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg's new puppy...  and its Facebook page

The Facebook founder and his girlfriend get an adorable new dog... and it already has 27,000 fans on the social network

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Teenage blogging dropped by half from 2006 to 2009, with many choosing to share thoughts and feelings on Facebook instead.

Is Facebook killing off the blogger?

Traditional blogs are fading as young people switch to social networking sites, says The New York Times. Are blogs really dying, or just evolving?

Facebook : Opinion Brief
"Those guys are such nerds," said the real Mark Zuckerberg about Jesse Eisenberg and Andy Samberg's attempt to play him on "Saturday Night Live."

Mark Zuckerberg's 'awkberg' SNL debut

Jesse Eisenberg, who portrays the Facebook founder in "The Social Network," was hosting "Saturday Night Live" when the real Zuckerberg showed up... prepared to be funny

Facebook : Instant Guide
Don't worry, your Facebook friends are having just as many low points as you, they're just not posting it on their news feed.

Are your Facebook friends really having more fun than you?

A Stanford University concludes that the social-networking site aggravates our tendency to think everyone else is having more fun, making us more gloomy than ever

Facebook : Opinion Brief
"Sponsored Stories": If you post an update about a Starbucks run, your Facebook friends will get a chance to "like" Starbucks, too.

How Facebook's 'Sponsored Stories' turn your updates into ads

Why not turn users' status updates into ads seen by their friends, asked Facebook. Some call its plan wonderfully "organic" — not everyone agrees

Facebook : Best Column
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg may have created a natural monopoly similar to Google and eBay, says James B. Stewart at The Wall Street Journal.

Facebook: A $50 billion bargain

Its deal with Goldman Sachs hit a roadblock, says James B. Stewart in The Wall Street Journal. But Facebook is still a good value because of its "natural monopoly"

Facebook : Opinion Brief
The "intense media coverage" surrounding the Goldman Sachs-Facebook deal led the S.E.C. to open an inquiry into the offering.

Goldman Sachs' Facebook deal: A 'huge embarrassment'?

The investment bank withdraws its offering of private Facebook shares to U.S. clients. What happened?

Facebook : Instant Guide
Amber alerts, which are traditionally made public through electronic highway signs, may get even more exposure on Facebook.

Can Facebook help find missing kids?

As Facebook starts issuing AMBER Alerts about missing children, experts hope the site's expansive reach will help reunite more families

Facebook : Best Column
If the demise of the once-popular social networking sites MySpace is any indication, Facebook "is cashing out."

Why Facebook is on the way out

Goldman Sachs' $1.5 billion investment in the social-networking giant obscures the fact that Facebook's best days are behind it, says Douglas Rushkoff at CNN

Facebook : By the numbers
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said he is in no rush to take the company public.

By the numbers: Facebook's financials revealed!

Detailed documents were delivered yesterday to "select" Goldman Sachs clients who might invest their millions in the social-networking giant — and the figures are fascinating

Facebook : Best Column
Facebook, now valued at $50 billion, has moved past Yahoo! and eBay and is gaining on behemoths like Disney ($70 billion).

The social-media explosion: Boom or bubble?

Facebook's value is skyrocketing, says Lauren Bloom in TheStreet. But is this just a replay of the '90s dot-com gold rush, which ended in much crashing and burning?

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: Does the Goldman Sachs deal mean an IPO is in the offing?

What Goldman Sachs' $450 million Facebook investment means

A huge deal between the social networking giant and the investment powerhouse has analysts speculating about Facebook's future

Facebook : Opinion Brief
Facebook's 2010 revenues could reportedly fall between $1 billion and $1.1 billion -- an estimate Mark Zuckerberg says is "not so far off in either direction."

Is Facebook overvalued?

"Frenzied trading" of the company's privately held shares is fueling speculation about an imminent IPO and the real value of the social media network

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