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Real Estate Trauma : Analysis
On the hunt for a new home? You might want to get that mortgage before new rules take effect next January...

Will Obama's new lending rules make it harder to get a mortgage?

The feds want to prevent risky loans like the ones that helped inflate the housing bubble. But some would-be home buyers could be left out in the cold

Real Estate Trauma : Opinion Brief
Workers apply brick facing to a group of new row houses in Chicago on Oct. 17.

The surge in new construction: Is the housing market roaring back?

After plenty of false dawns, many experts say the recovery is for real this time

Real Estate Trauma : Fact Sheet
Lynn Szymoniak, a lawyer and fraud investigator, uncovered a massive mortgage scandal when she noticed something fishy about the paperwork in her own foreclosure process.

The foreclosure victim who scored an $18 million settlement

There have been few winners in the housing crisis, but Florida's Lynn Szymoniak is one of them

Real Estate Trauma : Instant Guide
Taking a cue from her real-estate-agent mother, Willow Tufano bought a foreclosed home and is now renting it out for $700 a month.

Could a 14-year-old girl become a real-estate mogul?

South Florida teen Willow Tufano rents out the house she owns — and she's saving to buy another one

Real Estate Trauma : By the numbers
The government's $26 billion deal will benefit 2 million homeowners who are currently underwater.

The $26 billion foreclosure fraud settlement: By the numbers

The government and big banks strike a deal over alleged foreclosure abuses. Where will the money go?

Real Estate Trauma : Instant Guide
Noah Lamaide raised more than $10,000 through his philanthropic website to save his grandmother's home from foreclosure.

The 12-year-old who saved his grandmother from foreclosure

A tween do-gooder turns the focus of his charitable "Dream Catcher Network" to a cause that's awfully close to home

Real Estate Trauma : Analysis
In a short sale the owner sells the house for less than what is owed to the bank, while banks benefit by avoiding the costly process of foreclosure.

Short sales: The answer to America's housing crisis?

To sidestep the painful and expensive foreclosure process, lenders begin offering delinquent borrowers cash to sell their homes for less than they owe

Real Estate Trauma : Burning Question
President Obama's mortgage plan aims to help those who owe more on their homes than their homes are worth.

Obama's mortgage plan: Who really benefits?

The president pitches his idea to rescue underwater homeowners. But is the new tax on banks that would cover the program's multi-billion costs a deal-breaker?

Real Estate Trauma : In-depth briefing
Nearly 29 percent of U.S. homeowners with mortgages owe more on their homes than the properties are worth.

Real estate crisis: America underwater

Millions of Americans owe more than their homes are worth, creating a dangerous drag on the economy

Real Estate Trauma : Opinion Brief
Foreigners interested in staying in the U.S. can do so (for three years) if they buy American real estate worth at least $500,000, according to a new proposal.

Buy a house, get a visa?

A bipartisan Senate bill would give foreigners who buy U.S. homes worth at least $500,000 a residence visa. Could this gambit kickstart the housing market?

Real Estate Trauma : Opinion Brief
Home prices have fallen to their lowest level in nearly a decade, and commentors are blaming everyone from President Obama to homeowners themselves.

The double-dip housing plunge: 5 theories

After bouncing off their recession-time lows, home prices are sinking again. Whose fault is it?

Real Estate Trauma : By the numbers
Roughly 39 percent of homes sold last month were distressed or discounted sales.

America's falling house prices: By the numbers

Home prices are slipping across the U.S., leading to fears of a double dip recession. Here's a quick rundown of the sobering real-estate stats

Real Estate Trauma : Slideshow
The $7 Detroit home is a real looker.

The cheapest houses in America

'The Fiscal Times' says you'd be surprised what your money can buy

Real Estate Trauma : By the numbers
Aspen's booming housing market has hit even the less-coveted trailer park homes; the cheapest single family home is priced at $559,000 (not pictured).

The town where a trailer costs $559,000: By the numbers

With eager foreign buyers pushing average home prices well into the millions, Aspen, Colo., has become America's most expensive town

Real Estate Trauma : Opinion Brief
Despite the current push to rent, a competing survey claims that 78 percent of homeowners consider the purchase the best investment they ever made.

Forget homeownership: Is renting the 'new American Dream'?

According to a recent survey, 87 percent of us feel that achieving an ideal life no longer hinges on owning a home

Real Estate Trauma : Opinion Brief
The housing markets in once-stable cities like Minneapolis now may be in more trouble than bubble markets like Miami (pictured).

Is the housing crisis spreading to 'stable' cities?

Seattle! Minneapolis! Atlanta! The New York Times' David Streitfeld says that cities once thought to be spared from the housing collapse are now in trouble

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