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The Abortion Battle

The Abortion Battle : The Bullpen
Dana Liebelson

Dana Liebelson: CHART: 40 years later, Roe v. Wade is still under siege

Last year, 43 provisions in 19 states sought to restrict access to abortion

The Abortion Battle : Politics
An anti-abortion demonstrator in Washington, D.C.

Why Republicans should quit talking about abortion

A new poll from Pew shows that most Americans — and nearly half of Republicans — do not support overturning Roe v. Wade

The Abortion Battle : Fact Sheet
"Women on Waves" advertises a hotline for safe abortions as it sails around a port in northern Morocco on Oct. 4.

'Women on Waves': A guide to the Dutch 'abortion ship'

A group of Dutch activists takes women from countries that outlaw abortion into international waters, where they're given safe access to the controversial procedure

The Abortion Battle : Instant Guide
Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) speaks in February during a Republican conference in Kansas City, Mo.: Akin's belief that rape can't result in pregnancy dates back as far as the 13th century, but there's no real science to support it. 

'Rape can't cause pregnancy': A brief history of Todd Akin's bogus theory

The embattled Akin believed (at least until 48 hours ago) that women can't get pregnant from rape. As bizarre as that theory is, he's hardly the first to spout it

The Abortion Battle : Analysis
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) signed a super-strict abortion law earlier this year that is set to go into effect Wednesday.

The 'most extreme' abortion ban in America: A guide

Arizona's new abortion law could force mothers to give birth to stillborns and babies with fatal defects, which critics say is immoral and illegal

The Abortion Battle : Controversy
Anti-abortion protesters: Nurses in South Dakota must now tell women seeking abortions that the procedure can increase their risk of suicide.

Is South Dakota wrong to tell women that abortion could lead to suicide?

An appeals court inspires fury by ruling that women seeking abortions must be warned of an increased risk of suicide — despite shaky evidence of that link

The Abortion Battle : Instant Guide
Anti-abortion activists protest outside Mississippi's only abortion clinic, which was narrowly saved by a federal judge until July 11 when the court will convene to decide the clinic's fate.

Will Mississippi be the first state without an abortion clinic?

A federal judge temporarily blocks a law that would shut down Mississippi's only remaining abortion clinic. Here, a look at what could happen next

The Abortion Battle : Instant Guide
Michigan state Rep. Lisa Brown (D), along with other legislators and Vagina Monologues author Eve Ensler, will perform the play in protest Monday night.

Michigan's 'vagina' war

An anatomical reference during a heated political debate leads to a GOP crackdown... and a performance of The Vagina Monologues on the statehouse steps

The Abortion Battle : Burning Question
By sampling the mother's blood and father's saliva, scientists can now accurately map a fetus' entire genome.

Would easy in-utero genetic testing encourage abortions?

Scientists come up with a simple (if still pricey) method to screen fetuses for some 3,000 genetic defects, raising a troubling question: Who deserves to be born?

The Abortion Battle : Instant Guide
According to an investigation by The New York Times, what many people understand about how Plan B and other morning-after pills work is incorrect because the scientific language makes it seem as though the pill stops fertilized eggs from implanting -- when that's not the case.

What does the morning-after pill really do?

Anti-abortion groups say Plan B and its competitors doom fertilized eggs, as does the label on the Plan B box. Science says they're both wrong

The Abortion Battle : Opinion Brief
Bei Bei Shuai joins a growing number of pregnant woman criminalized in the U.S. for losing their unborn babies due to drug use or, as in Shuai's case, failed suicide attempts.

Is it murder if a pregnant woman attempts suicide... and the baby dies?

A 35-year-old Indiana woman is awaiting trial after she swallowed rat poison that killed her baby — but not her. Is she a criminal, or a victim of anti-abortion politics?

The Abortion Battle : Analysis
Six months after she supposedly had an abortion, a Spanish woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy (not pictured).

The doctor forced to pay child support after a botched abortion

A Spanish judge orders a gynecologist to pay up after the doctor supposedly performed an abortion — and the patient still gave birth

The Abortion Battle : The List
Anti-abortion activists protest at the March for Life rally on Jan. 23 in Washington, D.C. In a new Gallup poll, 50 percent of Americans say they consider themselves "pro-life."

Why a 'record low' number of Americans are 'pro-choice': 5 theories

Gallup reveals a surprising drop in the number of people who call themselves "pro-choice," even as more Americans back gay marriage and the legalization of pot

The Abortion Battle : Timeline
HBO's "Girls" broached a hot-button issue in just its second episode, when a conflicted Jessa makes an appointment to have an abortion.

How TV shows deal with abortion: A timeline

Four decades have passed since the first TV character had an abortion on Maude. But as this week's episode of Girls reveals, it's still a touchy subject

The Abortion Battle : Opinion Brief
Sarah Silverman shows off her burrito-stuffed belly in "before" portion of her controversial, fake "before-and-after" abortion photos.

Sarah Silverman's 'vile' before-and-after abortion photos

The comedian is no stranger to controversy, but even some of her fans are questioning whether her latest stunt went over the line

The Abortion Battle : Opinion Brief
A clinical assistant performs an ultrasound sonogram on an abortion patient: In Tennessee, anti-abortion lawmakers are pushing a new bill that would release the names of doctors who perform abortions.

Is it reckless to publicize the names of doctors who perform abortions?

Anti-abortion legislators in Tennessee push a bill that critics say will only serve to single out doctors and women for extremist attacks

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