War on Obesity

War on Obesity : Instant Guide
The early bird loses the weight, apparently.

The secret to losing weight: An earlier lunch?

Eating your big meal earlier in the day could help you shed pounds faster

War on Obesity : Instant Guide
All that pizza might boost your serotonin levels, but it's also making you fatter.

Why do we get so fat during the winter?

Consider your expanding waistline a not-so-friendly reminder of your evolutionary ancestry

War on Obesity : Health
Coca-Cola says its doing its part to fight obesity by offering smaller portion control options.

Can Coke's new anti-obesity ads actually lower obesity rates?

And is the soda giant making an honest attempt to improve public health, or just engaging in damage control?

War on Obesity : Instant Guide
The AspireAssist empties 30 percent of the contents of a person's stomach into the toilet.

The disgusting weight-loss tool that pumps food from your stomach

The inventor of the Segway has come up with a way for people to eat all they want and lose weight, if they can stand the thought of it

War on Obesity : Burning Question
Those extra pounds may mean more trips to the doctor, which could benefit heavier people in the long run.

Are overweight people likely to live longer?

A new study finds that people with higher body mass indexes tend to outlive their more slender peers

War on Obesity : Instant Guide
Santa, have you been dieting?

When did Santa Claus get so fat?

St. Nick wasn't always this rotund. In fact, he used to look downright svelte

War on Obesity : By the numbers
The average American is expected to consume some 3,157 calories this Thanksgiving, and that's only if you don't go back for seconds!

Breaking down your Thanksgiving dinner: By the numbers

With many Americans eating more than triple their daily recommended calories on Turkey Day, the annual feast does some serious damage to waistlines

War on Obesity : Instant Guide
Pepsi Special, soon to be released in Japan, reportedly has a "crisp, refreshing, and unqiue" aftertaste, PepsiCo claims.

Can Pepsi's new soda really burn fat?

The beverage giant will release Pepsi Special, a new drink infused with dextrin, a fiber that has been shown to block fat pile-up

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
A customer fills a 32-ounce soda cup at a Manhattan McDonald's: As of March 2013, New Yorkers will be barred from ordering more than 16 ounces of soda at a time.

Does banning jumbo sodas really help people lose weight?

The New York City Board of Health approves a plan to institute a city-wide restriction on sugary drinks over 16 ounces — the latest move to improve the population's health

War on Obesity : The List
Tough-love trainer Jillian Michaels returns to The Biggest Loser after producers agreed to address childhood obesity by including teens on the show.

The Biggest Loser adds teenage contestants: Bad idea?

NBC's often brutal weight-loss reality series is shaking up its 14th season by tackling childhood obesity — and going softer on the kids

War on Obesity : Instant Guide
Good news, dieters: Now you can really let loose and opt for salad dressings with a little more fat (in small amounts), as a new study finds that those kinds of dressings help you absorb the good stuff in those greens.

Why fat-free salad dressing might actually be bad for you

Consider this the next time you eat a salad: A little bit of fat in your dressing could be more useful for unlocking the nutritional potential of your veggies

War on Obesity : Fact Sheet
A new diet drug, Belviq, has been approved by the FDA for obese people and overweight patients with a weight-related health condition, such as high blood pressure.

Belviq: A guide to the first FDA-approved obesity drug in 13 years

The Food and Drug Administration tries to shrink America's bulging waistlines by greenlighting a new medication that helps overweight people feel full faster

War on Obesity : Burning Question
Two years after the gastric bypass surgery, 11 percent of patients surveyed (103 of 996 people) reported having drinking problems.

Does gastric bypass surgery cause alcoholism?

A new study finds that some weight-loss surgeries can increase patients' risk of alcohol abuse once they've shed unwanted pounds

War on Obesity : Analysis
If you're trying to resist pizza in an effort to lose weight, being sleep-deprived will only make it harder, according to a new study.

Why sleepy people love pizza

Two new studies reach the same fatty conclusion: Not getting enough shut-eye can undermine your diet

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
Disney Chairman Robert Iger and Michelle Obama make the announcement: Under new nutritional guidelines, current Disney advertisers like Kraft Lunchables, will be barred from running ads during the company's children's programming as of 2015.

Disney's junk-food ad ban: Good for business?

The company, which owns ABC and other TV channels, will no longer carry ads for foods that fail to meet strict nutritional standards — and the move might help its bottom line

War on Obesity : Instant Guide
While wearing "diet glasses" that made snacks appear 50 percent larger than their actual size, research subjects consumed 10 percent less of the snack.

The 'diet glasses' that trick you into eating less

Smarter snacking could be as easy a putting on a pair of specs, thanks to researchers who pioneered a new use for augmented reality

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