War on Obesity

War on Obesity : Controversy
Doctors perform a Caesarian section: C-section babies are twice as likely as other kids to become obese by age 3, according to a new study.

Are C-section babies more prone to childhood obesity?

New research suggests they are. Next step: Pinpointing the cause of the mysterious phenomenon

War on Obesity : The Bullpen
Bill Frist

Bill Frist: How to wean America from its dangerous food addiction

The nation's obesity epidemic is as much about brain chemistry as it is poor diet and laziness — a fact we must realize if we're going to treat obesity effectively

War on Obesity : By the numbers
The U.S. spends an extra $4 billion in gasoline every year to drive overweight passengers on the road.

The heavy price of obesity in America: By the numbers

Nationally, nearly 36 percent of adults are obese, and businesses are spending billions to make everything from bathrooms to sports stadiums easier for them to navigate

War on Obesity : Instant Guide
With her K-E Diet feeding tube, bride-to-be Jessica Schnaider ingests only 800 calories of liquid protein and fat per day.

Disturbing trend alert: The feeding-tube diet

The latest weight-loss method to hit U.S. involves inserting a tube into your nose — and it's proving popular with brides-to-be desperate to shed pounds fast

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
In an effort to promote healthy living, a medical center in Texas has vowed not to hire employees who have a body mass index over 35.

Should hospitals ban obese employees?

Citizen's Medical Center in Texas is refusing to hire overweight workers because their heft goes against the hospital's healthful values, but some are crying foul

War on Obesity : Burning Question
Researchers say that nearly 4 in 10 adults who are classified as merely overweight are, in actuality, obese.

Are we underestimating how fat Americans are?

A new study suggests that many people who are classified as overweight are actually obese — and face health risks they didn't even know about

War on Obesity : Instant Guide
The raw, green coffee bean may contain a natural weight loss substance that disappears when roasted.

The green coffee bean: A miracle weight-loss drug?

An extract made from unprocessed beans might be a powerful yet affordable tool to help people shed pounds, and lots of them

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
The LED lights on the Nike FuelBand change from red to green as users accumulate active points and achieve personal fitness goals.

FuelBand: Will Nike's 'futuristic' wristband make fitness cool?

The shoe company's new exercise bracelet turns working out into a stylishly competitive game. But will it convince people to get out and move?

War on Obesity : Analysis
Shedding pounds without breaking a sweat? That could be possible some day thanks to a recent scientific breakthrough.

The future of weight loss: A 'marijuana' diet pill? 

Limiting a pot-like brain compound that regulates metabolism allows genetically altered mice to stay skinny without exercising. Is a dream pill far behind?

War on Obesity : Instant Guide
Active video games, like Nintendo's Wii, might not count for as much exercise as many parents hoped.

Proof that the Nintendo Wii fails to make kids fit?

So-called "active" video games might not do as great a job as we thought at making children more physically active

War on Obesity : Instant Guide
While Qnexa has the same potentially dangerous side effects as previously rejected weight loss drugs, the FDA reasoned that the risks posed by obesity were greater still.

Qnexa: Is the new anti-obesity drug too risky?

The FDA hasn't approved a new weight loss drug in 13 years. Now, an advisory panel is endorsing a previously rejected diet pill. What changed?

War on Obesity : Instant Guide
Chocolate cake for breakfast? New research suggests it might actually help you lose weight by reducing sugar cravings later in the day.

Can dessert for breakfast help you lose weight?

New research suggests that, in the early morning, you can have your cake and shed pounds too

War on Obesity : Burning Question
A team of doctors is pushing for government regulation on high-sugar foods, even suggesting an age limit for the purchase of drinks with added sweeteners.

A drinking age for soda?

Doctors argue that sugar is a potentially deadly poison like alcohol and tobacco — and that we ought to treat it like one

War on Obesity : Instant Guide
First Lady Michelle Obama eats a healthy lunch with Virginia elementary kids Wednesday: The USDA is setting new calorie limits on school lunches.

Transforming school lunches: The 'historic' new rules

The federal government is trimming the salt and fat in cafeteria meals. Will it help slim down America's students?

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
After Paula Deen acknowledged this week that she has diabetes, many critics were quick to blame her illness on her rich, buttery recipes.

Paula Deen's diabetes: Don't blame Southern cooking?

The down-home cooking guru has type 2 diabetes, and her critics insist that her creamy, buttery recipes made the diagnosis all but inevitable. Is that fair?

War on Obesity : Instant Guide
Scientists injected mice with a hormone that tells bad fat to turn into good, calorie-burning fat, and the rodents kept fit without stepping onto an exercise wheel.

The 'groundbreaking' workout you can inject

Scientists identify an injectable hormone that mimics the after-effects of a workout. But don't cancel your gym membership just yet

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