War on Obesity

War on Obesity : By the numbers
190 million Americans are overweight or obese, according to a new report.

America's fattest states: By the numbers

Mississippi tips the scale more than the other 49 states, but every member of the union could stand to lose (quite) a few pounds

War on Obesity : Burning Question
Time to dump that Diet Coke? The low-calorie drink is not only linked to diabetes, but it also makes you fat, according to new research.

Are diet sodas making you fat?

Low-calorie drinks were never a miracle weight-loss drug, but it turns out they may actually be costing you victory in the battle of the bulge

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
Most people know that spending hours on the couch watching TV can be unhealthy, but a doctors group says the junk food commercials are negatively influencing kids' eating habits, too.

Should fast food ads on TV be banned?

The American Academy of Pediatrics wants to curb childhood obesity by banning junk food commercials during kid-friendly shows

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
As gas prices continue to drain our bank accounts, some economists believe the rising costs may encourage Americans to walk more, and shed some pounds.

Could $5-a-gallon gas cure obesity?

Americans are too fat, and our gas is too expensive. But if economists are right, our pain at the pump could do more than fatten Saudi wallets

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
Deep-fried Kool Aid contains flour, water, and strawberry Kool Aid... and is taking county fairs by storm.

Deep-fried Kool-Aid: A 'nutritional nightmare'

Move over, deep-fried Twinkies. A sizzling version of the popular sugary Americana beverage is the latest county fair craze

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
A much-criticized Yoplait yogurt commercial shows a woman bargaining with herself over a slice of cheesecake: "I deserve it."

Yoplait's controversial 'eating disorder' ad

The yogurt maker yanks a cheesecake-guilt-themed commercial after complaints that it hit dangerously close to home for people with eating disorders

War on Obesity : Controversy
The DASH diet recommends a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, low-fat dairy... and as little sodium as possible.

Is DASH the best diet ever?

The popular eating plan, which emphasizes lots of fruits and veggies, tops U.S. News and World Report's best diet rankings. Why?

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
Goodbye food pyramid, hello food plate: The United States Department of Agriculture updated the decades-old nutritional information graphic Thursday.

MyPlate: The Feds' 'costly goodbye' to the food pyramid

On Thursday, the U.S.D.A. unveiled a new plate-shaped nutrition icon... at a reported cost of $2 million

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
With sedentary desk jobs more common than the physical work of the mid-20th century, Americans are burning up to 140 fewer calories than previous generations.

Is your job making you fat?

Junk food isn't the only cause of America's obesity epidemic, say researchers. Being chained to your computer is also a major danger. Is there any solution?

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
Some Florida gynecologists have set a weight limit for patients, fearing both complications and possible malpractice suits.

Should doctors be allowed to refuse obese patients?

Some Florida gynecologists have set weight limits for their patients, saying it's too risky to treat women over 200 pounds. Is that discrimination?

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
Whether baked or fried, the white potato is not healthy enough for kids, according to the USDA, which is contemplating nearly banning it from federally subsidized school lunches.

The feds' war on school-lunch french fries

The USDA may change lunch menus — all but banning the venerable "white potato" — and the spud industry is sputtering with rage

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
A San Francisco student guzzles the last drop of his chocolate milk during lunch: In Los Angeles, schools are banning all flavored milk to cut back on unnecessary sugar.

Is it time for schools to ban chocolate milk?

Citing health concerns, some school districts have already stopped serving sugary, flavored milk in their cafeterias

War on Obesity : Instant Guide
A new study finds that having heavier friends may make weight gain seem normal, and even change your eating and exercise habits.

Are your friends making you fat?

A new study finds that having obese friends makes you more prone to being obese yourself

War on Obesity : Fact Sheet
Researchers believe that weight loss improves mental capacity, which may help explain the link between obesity and Alzheimer's disease.

Another reason to lose weight: Improved memory

A new study suggests that taking better care of your body will also help take care of your brain

War on Obesity : Instant Guide
They may look innocent enough, but consuming these kinds of sweets in large quantities can lead to heart disease and cancer, says one scientist.

Is sugar a cancerous poison?

A leading scientist believes sugar does more than expand our waistlines — it's a "toxic substance" that causes heart disease and cancer

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
Celebrity British chef Jamie Oliver did not get the sunny welcome he may have hoped for when he took his anti-obesity initiatives to Los Angeles.

'Food Revolution': Is Jamie Oliver threatening personal liberty?

The new season of the health-conscious chef's show has commentators wondering if he takes things too far in the name of fighting obesity

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