War on Obesity

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
A Chicago elementary school student selects food from a school salad bar: An area principal says state-provided lunches are healthier than the bagged meals her students' parents prepare.

A Chicago school's 'nanny state' ban on bagged lunches

In an effort to encourage healthier eating, one principal has prohibited students from bringing in homemade food. Is this anything but bureaucratic overreach?

War on Obesity : Instant Guide
The hot new 17-day diet claims you can lose a lot of weight through daily exercises, "metabolic confusion," and limitations, such as no fruits and starches after 2 p.m.

The 17-day diet: A 'gimmicky' way to lose 12 pounds?

A new diet claims to use "metabolic confusion" to help you lose a lot of weight very, very quickly. Does it really work?

War on Obesity : The List
On a Twinkies-focused convenience store diet, a Kansas-based nutritionist dropped weight, body fat and even lowered his "bad" cholesterol.

The all-Twinkie diet and 9 more single-item weight-loss plans

An Iowa journalist reveals that an all-beer diet helped him lose 15 pounds. Here, a look at the various one-food or drink diets that show unusually good results

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
A "fat fee" initiated by Gov. Jan Brewer (R-Ariz.) would tax obese Medicaid patients in Arizona if they don't follow a doctor-ordered plan to slim down.

Arizona's 'cruel and regressive' fat tax

The state is considering a $50 annual fee for Medicaid patients who are obese or smoke. Is that fair?

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
Do movie goers really want to know that a typical tub of movie popcorn has as many calories as three Big Macs?

Should movie theaters reveal popcorn calorie counts?

Filmgoers should realize just how fatty and calorie-laden their popcorn is, says the FDA — but is it really the movie chains' responsibility to tell them?

War on Obesity : Slideshow
America's obesity problem is creating new challenges for manufacturers of buses, MRI machines, and more.

7 things Americans are too fat to do: A slideshow

As the obesity crisis deepens, Americans are having trouble fitting into everything from airplane seats to ambulances

War on Obesity : Instant Guide
The Dukan Diet, created by French Dr. Pierre Dukan, is a high-protein, low-fat diet that has reportedly been used by model Giselle Bundchen and Jennifer Lopez.

The Dukan Diet: Can 5 million thin French people be wrong?

The controversial, hugely popular French diet has helped millions of Europeans shed pounds. Now it's coming to America

War on Obesity : Best Column
Michelle Obama exercises with students last April during an event for Let's Move, her much-debated anti-obesity program.

How Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign encourages bullying

The First Lady's Let's Move campaign alienates fat children, and makes them more vulnerable to being picked on, says Paul Campos at The Daily Beast

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
Blair River, the 575-pound spokesperson for the controversial Heart Attack Grill, died last week of pneumonia complications that may have been exacerbated by obesity.

Death of the Heart Attack Grill's 575-pound frontman: Who's to blame?

The gluttony-themed restaurant's obese spokesperson, Blair River, dies at 29. Now, even more detractors are saying that the Heart Attack Grill is in tragically bad taste

War on Obesity : Instant Guide
Researchers say if you're a little more kind and compassionate to yourself you will be more likely to shed those unwanted pounds.

Can 'self-compassion' help you lose weight?

Harsh self-criticism won't help you lose weight, say some psychologists. But self-love just might

War on Obesity : By the numbers
To slim down their overfed dogs, owners are equipping them with "DogTread" treadmills.

An epidemic of obese pets: By the numbers

Like many of their owners, America's dogs and cats are losing the battle of the bulge — and it's costing them their health

War on Obesity : Fact Sheet
Toddlers with diets high in fat and sugar may have lower IQ scores later in childhood, a new study finds.

Will junk food lower your child's IQ?

A new study suggests that feeding kids too much fat and sugar at a young age can drag down their test scores later in childhood

War on Obesity : By the numbers
A new report finds that, as of 2008, one in 10 adults worldwide was obese.

The world's obesity 'tsunami': By the numbers

America is not alone. Global obesity has more than doubled over the last three decades

War on Obesity : Only in America
Frozen-pizza maker DiGiorno is upping the caloric ante by packaging pizza with either an appetizer or a dessert.

DiGiornio's 'unholy marriage' of frozen pizza, cookies, and wings

Do weight-challenged Americans really need a combo package of frozen pizza and cookie dough? How about pizza and "wyngz"? DiGiorno says yes — who's with them?

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
In order to fight obesity, the government is recommending that Americans eat less sugar, less fat, less salt... and less food.

The Feds' 'eat less' guidelines: Too vague to help?

The USDA's new Dietary Guidelines tell Americans, for the first time ever, to eat less — but fail to specify which foods to avoid. Is this really fighting the obesity epidemic?

War on Obesity : Fact Sheet
Thin Mints, one of the most popular of the Girl Scout cookies, contain trans fats despite labeling that says otherwise.

The Girl Scout Cookie lie: No trans-fats

The cookies' labels give the impression the time-honored treat is healthier than it is — and health advocates are not happy

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