War on Obesity

War on Obesity : Instant Guide
If drug trials go well, you may soon be able to "shrink" your double chin with 40-70 injections of ATX-101, administered over a period of weeks.

A drug to shrink double chins?

German drugmaker Bayer is in late-stage trials for a nonsurgical "cure" for the double chin. How does it work?

War on Obesity : Best Column
If carbs, fat, meat and sugar are bad, then are greens the "one food that would fit into all diets?" asks Ellen Tarlin at "Slate."

Your New Year's diet vs. information overload

The "orgy of food, diet, nutrition, and health information" might just stop you from losing weight this year, says Ellen Tarlin in Slate

War on Obesity : The List
Most resolutions involve weight loss but one-quarter of Americans will give up after week one.

5 tricks for keeping your resolutions in 2011

Most New Year's resolutions won't last the whole year — or even half of it. But there are ways to improve the odds you'll stick to it

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
A group of 130 retired military officials has been quoted calling "unhealthy school lunches" a threat to national security.

Are fat kids a threat to national security?

That's what Michelle Obama says, prompting some critics to dispute her "idiotic" claim that childhood obesity is endangering the country

War on Obesity : Instant Guide
The new diet drug Contrave is a mix of two well-established medications -- an antidepressant and an anti-addiction drug.

Will Contrave revolutionize dieting?

The FDA may approve the first new weight-loss drug in more than a decade — raising hopes that a pill could solve America's obesity problem

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
Singer Jennifer Hudson, along with millions of other Americans, has used Weight Watchers' now-defunct "points plan" to slim down.

The 'tyranny' of Weight Watchers' new point system

The weight-loss giant has dramatically overhauled its dieting system in favor of healthy eating, not just calorie-counting. Some adherents are fed up

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
School districts in Arizona and Massachusetts have begun measuring elementary-school students' weight and height to help combat childhood obesity.

Should schools act as the fat police?

Some school districts are sending overweight kids home with letters alerting their parents of obesity risks. Is this a good way to fight the fat epidemic?

War on Obesity : Fact Sheet
According to a British study, a person's sense of smell is heightened after eating.

Overweight? Blame your sensitive nose

New research suggests that a key difference between obese people and thinner folk may come down to a person's sense of smell

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
The Heart Attack Grill promises to push any customer who can finish its fattiest meal to his car in a wheelchair.

Over 350 pounds? Eat for free at the Heart Attack Grill

The obese can order "Quadruple Bypass Burgers" on the house at a proudly unhealthy Arizona restaurant. A clever marketing ploy or a dangerous joke?

War on Obesity : Fact Sheet
Pizza: Is the government making it cheesier?

America's cheese addiction: Blame the government?

Washington is promoting an anti-obesity agenda and marketing waist-expanding cheeses at the same time. Did someone say conflict of interest?

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
On the CBS comedy "Mike & Molly," Mike avoids getting intimate with Molly because he doesn't want her to see him without his shirt.

Marie Claire's 'fattie' sex rant

A fashion-magazine blogger has incited outrage by saying she's "grossed out" by the prospect of watching fat people get intimate on TV. Why has this touched such a nerve?

War on Obesity : Instant Guide
Too fat to fight?

Too fat to fight?

A new study calls military obesity a "potential national security threat." Can anything be done to stem the tide of overweight recruits?

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
Not if you're paying with food stamps...

New York's 'food stamps for soda' ban

Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to stop the poor from using food stamps to buy sugary drinks. Nanny-state excess — or a smarter way to spend taxpayer money?

War on Obesity : Instant Guide
One study revealed that seven hours of sleep per night reduces risk of cardiovascular disease.

Sleep off the fat?

A new study finds that getting more sleep will help you burn fat. Is there a catch?

War on Obesity : Instant Guide
Researchers stress that good diet and exercise are still necessary for combating childhood obesity.

Does the common cold cause childhood obesity?

New research links a cold virus to obesity in some kids. Is this a real breakthrough — or, as some critics say, just a new way to rationalize fat?

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
The South is gaining weight.

Why is the South getting fatter? 4 theories

According to the latest federal figures, one in four American adults is obese — except in the South, where it's closer to one in three. Here's why

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