War on Obesity

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
Does "Huge" portray overweight people fairly?

Can TV stop treating fat people like jokes?

New scripted television shows like "Huge" and "Mike and Molly" attempt to portray overweight people as actual humans, but critics are split on their efforts

War on Obesity : By the numbers
A new study shows that 28 American states are getting even fatter.

Our fat nation: By the numbers

A new study shows that obesity rates continue to rise despite a government commitment to attack the problem

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
Should Americans cut back on salt?

The FDA's new 'nanny state' rules on salty foods

Americans eat three times more sodium than they should. So the FDA has decided it's time to regulate the amount of salt in your potato chips

War on Obesity : Best Column
Marc Ambinder says news anchor Tim Russert saved his life.

How Tim Russert saved my life

The "Meet The Press" host's premature death prompted Atlantic columnist Marc Ambinder to take extreme measures to slim down

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
Should Happy Meal toys be banned?

Do 'Happy Meals' toys make kids fat?

A Silicon Valley county wants to ban the plastic trinkets in fast-food kids' meals — claiming the toys seduce children into gluttony

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
Donna Simpson, the world's fattest mom.

'World's fattest woman': Should she be stopped?

A New Jersey mom eats 12,000 calories a day in a bid to push her weight to a world-record 1,000 pounds. But is her quest abusive toward her 3-year old daughter?

War on Obesity : Opinion Brief
First Lady Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama's war on obesity

Obama's "Let's Move" campaign addresses a real problem, but should government tell parents how to raise their kids?

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