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Smartphone Wars

Smartphone Wars : Instant Guide
The HTC One can be used as a remote control for your TV.

Everything you need to know about the new HTC One

Meet the Taiwanese phone-maker's new flagship Android, which aims to give Samsung some sorely needed competition

Smartphone Wars : The List
Here's my selfie, you guys! #me #duckface #peace1love

5 rules for taking #selfies on Instagram

A long-overdue treatise for snapping self-portraits

Smartphone Wars : Instant Guide
Thorsten Heins, the chief executive of BlackBerry, shows off the new Blackberry 10 smartphones.

Everything you need to know about the big BlackBerry 10 unveiling

Alicia Keys and new phones like the Z10 and Q10 all had their time to shine at Wednesday's showy event

Smartphone Wars : The List
@chrigz documented this tasty-looking meal at J. King Seafood Palace, in Brooklyn, N.Y.

5 easy Instagram tips from a professional food photographer

Presenting a new mealtime manifesto for avid picture-takers

Smartphone Wars : Burning Question
The Keon is low on specs by design, says TechCrunch.

Who's excited for Mozilla's orange Firefox phones?

Introducing two new developer prototypes: The Keon and the Peak

Smartphone Wars : Essay
The BlackBerry 10 operating system isn't about panache, but rather "cold, mechanical efficiency."

Why you should be rooting for RIM and BlackBerry 10 to succeed

It's time to start paying attention to RIM again. For innovation's sake

Smartphone Wars : Timeline
Back in 2000, Americans were sending a now-comically low 35 texts per month.

The text message turns 20: A brief history of SMS

The first message, sent two decades ago, simply read "Merry Christmas"

Smartphone Wars : Burning Question
AT&T may have ranked last in overall cell service, but it did get high marks for 4G.

AT&T: Still the worst carrier?

Short answer: Yes. But the despised network bested the competition in one key area

Smartphone Wars : The List
Power your iPhone with a T-shirt that turns vibrations from concert music into an electrical charge. No T-shirt? Try your heartbeat.

9 strange ways to power your cellphone [Updated]

From T-shirts to wind power to a special pan, researchers are coming up with some inventive ways to make sure your iPhone never goes dead

Smartphone Wars : The List
Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son (left) and Chief Executive of Sprint Nextel Corp. Dan Hesse shake hands during their press conference in Tokyo on Oct. 15.

The Sprint-Softbank merger: 4 takeaways

With some badly needed financial support from Japan, the U.S.' third-largest mobile carrier turns up the heat on AT&T and Verizon

Smartphone Wars : First Reactions
People interact with the Samsung Galaxy S III on its launch day in June: The Korean manufacturer is offering a mini version, shrinking the phone's 4.8-inch display to four inches.

Samsung's Galaxy S III mini: Is a smaller phone really such a good idea?

The Korean manufacturer is apparently reversing course, and will offer a smaller 4-inch version of its flagship handset

Smartphone Wars : Opinion Brief
Research in Motion's BlackBerry is struggling to keep up with the iPhone and Android... but it still might be Hewlett-Packard's key to entering the smartphone market.

Should Hewlett-Packard acquire BlackBerry?

The computer behemoth is struggling to catch up in the fast-moving mobile market. Is purchasing a flailing smartphone maker of yesteryear really the solution?

Smartphone Wars : Best Video
In a new ad, Samsung Galaxy S III users play with their new devices while Apple fanboys watch from a stagnant Apple store line.

Samsung's anti-Apple Galaxy S III ad: Are the jokes wearing thin?

There's no love lost between two bitter rivals as the Korean smartphone maker takes a few swipes at Apple fans waiting in line

Smartphone Wars : Analysis
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (left) and Nokia CEO Stephen Elop (right) introduce the new Nokia Lumia 920 on Sept. 5.

Will the new Lumia 920 save Nokia?

The Finnish handset maker has a lot riding on the next-generation Windows Phone announced Wednesday — and the jury is definitely out

Smartphone Wars : Opinion Brief
The larger-than-your-average-smartphone Galaxy Note II may not be for everyone, but its price tag and snazzy new look will certainly draw customers in.

Samsung's Galaxy Note II: Do people really want massive phones?

The Korean manufacturer seems to think bigger is better, as indicated by the impending release of its new tablet-like smartphone with a gigantic 5.5-inch screen

Smartphone Wars : Opinion Brief
If the report is true that Research in Motion is planning to sell its Blackberry-making division, Facebook might be RIM's best option for a buyer.

Is RIM selling its BlackBerry handset business?

The former king of the smartphone world is reportedly looking to split its company in two, with the hardware arm headed one way and the software arm another

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