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Smartphone Wars

Smartphone Wars : Opinion Brief
AT&T President Randall Stephenson during the T-Mobile acquisition announcement, March 2011: The deal was blocked by the Feds, but AT&T says it will fight.

Does the AT&T/T-Mobile deal have a chance?

Many are already writing not-so-fond eulogies for the $39 billion telecom deal, but AT&T isn't giving up just yet

Smartphone Wars : Winners and Losers
AT&T boss Randall Stephenson (left) during a hearing in May on the proposed AT&T and T-Mobile merger, which was blocked Wednesday by a DOJ lawsuit.

Feds block AT&T's merger with T-Mobile: Winners and losers

The Justice Department sues to stop the $39 billion merger. Who benefits, and who gets burned?

Smartphone Wars : Opinion Brief
Among Research in Motion's latest offerings is the new touchscreen-only BlackBerry Torch.

Can the new BlackBerry save RIM?

Research in Motion unveils five new smartphones — two with a touchscreen and keyboard. But that still might not be enough to catch Apple and Android

Smartphone Wars : By the numbers
Research in Motion co-CEO Mike Lazaridis received a 12 percent raise last year, but now the maker of BlackBerry smartphones is slashing thousands of jobs and fighting for its life against Apple.

The decline of BlackBerry: By the numbers

Threatened by iPhone and Android, BlackBerry maker Research in Motion lays off 2,000 workers. What happened to the once-dominant "CrackBerry"?

Smartphone Wars : Instant Guide
With Schlage's "LiNK" system, a smartphone can unlock your home by sending a signal through the internet to a wireless door lock.

Can smartphones replace house keys?

A new app promises to phase out your clattering keychain by allowing you to unlock your home from miles away

Smartphone Wars : Opinion Brief
The TAG Heuer Link phone, and its $6,800 price tag, has many in the tech world cracking wise.

The 'outlandish' $6,800 TAG Heuer smartphone

The fancy watchmaker introduces "the first Swiss luxury smartphone" — at a price that makes the iPhone look very, very cheap

Smartphone Wars : By the numbers
An Android mobile customer uses Twitter: Google gains 500,000 new Android users each day, a growth rate that considerably exceeds the iPhone's.

The Android's 500,000 new customers a day: By the numbers

Half a million customers worldwide activate a new Android device each day. What does that mean for Apple's iPhone and the race for worldwide domination?

Smartphone Wars : Opinion Brief
Teens are so attached to their cellphones that a majority of 16- to 22-year-olds say they would rather give up their sense of smell than tech toys, according to a new study.

Easier to live without: Your sense of smell or your cellphone?

A new study suggests that young adults value their gadgets more than their noses

Smartphone Wars : Opinion Brief
Micorsoft may have kept much of its new Mango operating system under wraps, but it did provide a "simple graphic" to illustrate its new tools and capabilities.

Can Microsoft's 'Mango' compete with the iPhone?

Microsoft shows off the next version of its smartphone operating system, its latest effort to catch up to Apple and Google

Smartphone Wars : Opinion Brief
New technology could turn the palm of your hand into an interface that communicates with your smartphones.

Controlling your iPhone by... touching your palm?

A new technology just about takes the "phone" out of mobile phone use

Smartphone Wars : Fact Sheet
Early prototypes harnessing new phone-charging technology require users to scream into their cell phone in order to boost their batteries, but future designs should have a better balance between decibels and power.

The phone you can charge with your voice

Scientists have come up with a way to harness the energy in sound waves to power electronic gadgets

Smartphone Wars : Opinion Brief
The PaperPhone, developed by researchers in Canada, can do all the same things your iPhone can, except that it can also be tucked into your wallet.

Will the PaperPhone replace your iPhone?

Canadian researchers have developed a bendable smartphone that's as slender as a credit card

Smartphone Wars : Opinion Brief
Apple is suing Samsung, claiming its Galaxy products copy the iPad and iPhone. Will this sour the two companies' manufacturing relationship?

Apple's 'incredibly stupid' lawsuit against Samsung

Steve Jobs and Co. say Samsung's Galaxy products copy the iPad and iPhone, but commentators aren't so sure legal action was a bright idea

Smartphone Wars : Opinion Brief
Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis of Research In Motion, the company that makes the BlackBerry, says that, despite record sales, the company doesn't get the same respect as Apple and Android.

Can the maker of the BlackBerry survive?

Research In Motion, the company behind the BlackBerry, is losing the smartphone wars to Android and Apple. Can rolling out its own tablet, the PlayBook, help it rebound?

Smartphone Wars : Opinion Brief
If AT&T gobbles up T-Mobile, the behemoth mobile carrier would be the market's largest player, by far, which public interest advocates say is bad for the customer.

Will Washington approve AT&T's purchase of T-Mobile?

Some say the new telecom behemoth would crush competition, raise prices, and offer consumers fewer choices. Will regulators still let the deal go through?

Smartphone Wars : Winners and Losers
AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson announces Sunday that the wireless giant will buy rival T-Mobile, which means the latter's customers will get the iPhone... eventually.

AT&T buys T-Mobile: Winners and losers

In a surprise move, America's biggest cellphone network will swallow a smaller rival for $39 billion. Who stands to gain from this mega-deal?

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