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Smartphone Wars

Smartphone Wars : Controversy
Arm your iPhone: Hackers have reportedly shifted from computer to smartphone devices.

Has your smartphone been hacked?

Hackers are shifting their focus to the mobile computer in your pocket. Are you at risk?

Smartphone Wars : Opinion Brief
Many Android-powered mobile phones such as Verizon's Droid (center) come with Google applications pre-installed.

Will Google own the smartphone business?

Google's Android has surpassed Nokia's system to become the leading smartphone platform in the world. Is Android poised for worldwide domination?

Smartphone Wars : Opinion Brief
Jon Stewart joked that iPhone users everywhere have, to date, "sacrificed the ability to make phone calls."

Jon Stewart: Verizon iPhone ends a 'long national nightmare'

"The Daily Show" host, himself an iPhone user, delights in the end of AT&T's iPhone "tyranny"

Smartphone Wars : The List
The Verizon iPhone can be used as a mobile hotspot, which AT&T's cannot, but can only work in 40 countries versus AT&T's 130 countries.

9 things to know about the Verizon iPhone

The patiently awaited Verizon version of the iPhone is finally coming: How will it work, what will it cost, and will it be white?

Smartphone Wars : Winners and Losers
Verizon is reportedly so confident that its network can handle in influx of iPhone users that it is offering unlimited data-use plans to customers.

The Verizon iPhone deal: Winners and losers

Verizon will reportedly start selling Apple's coveted smartphone before the end of January. Who benefits — and suffers — from this long-awaited deal?

Smartphone Wars : Instant Guide
The popular music-streaming app Pandora reportedly sends age, gender, and location details to third-party companies.

Is your smartphone spying on you?

iPhones and Droids are convenient for consumers — but they're also an easy way for advertisers to collect personal information

Smartphone Wars : Fact Sheet
Smartphone-equipped soldiers would be able to access constantly updated maps designed to help them locate allies and enemies.

The Army's latest battlefield weapon: A smartphone?

If an Army proposal moves forward, each soldier will be equipped with a customized iPhone or Droid before going into battle

Smartphone Wars : The List
The home button of the Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme features a single rare 7.1-carat diamond.

Top 6 extraordinary (or just plain weird) cellphones

Why settle for a boring old iPhone when you pay a fortune for a device made of gold, diamonds... or T-rex bones?

Smartphone Wars : Opinion Brief
Google's Nexus S has a contoured display designed to fit the curve of its user's face.

Will Google's Nexus S phone break through?

The tech giant's first attempt at conquering the mobile market didn't go so well. Will it fare better this time around?

Smartphone Wars : Fact Sheet
As Verizon rolls out its new 4G network, the question is: Does it pay to sign up?

Faster smartphones: What is 4G, exactly?

Verizon is readying the launch of its new high-speed network. But what does it really offer — and do you actually need it?

Smartphone Wars : Instant Guide
With new technology, a cell phone can "talk to" a credit-card processor up to four inches away.

Will customers embrace 'digital wallets'?

AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon are betting on technology that will let customers use their cellphones to pay for purchases. But are shoppers ready to ditch their credit cards?

Smartphone Wars : Opinion Brief
One of the Windows smartphones, the HTC DH7, sold out one day after its release.

Can Windows Phone 7 compete with the iPhone?

Microsoft is a late entrant into the smartphone wars. How does its new product stand up against the iPhone and Droid?

Smartphone Wars : Opinion Brief
The rumored PlayStation Phone will reportedly run on Google's Android platform and will debut at the end of this year or beginning of 2011.

The PlayStation Phone: Finally, an iPhone killer?

Photos of the hotly anticipated Sony Ericsson phone-game console have leaked across the web. Should Apple brace itself for a real smartphone war?

Smartphone Wars : Opinion Brief
The new phone, with a slide-out gamepad and 5 megapixle camera will be ideal for gamers.

A Sony PlayStation phone?

Tech bloggers are excited by reports that Sony is integrating a phone into its popular PSP gaming device

Smartphone Wars : Opinion Brief
The Torch: Revolutionizing the Blackberry brand?

BlackBerry's 'clunky' new touch-screen phone

BlackBerry has been losing users to Android and the iPhone. Will the much-hyped Torch brighten the brand's future?

Smartphone Wars : Opinion Brief
Why is the UAE blocking Blackberry messages?

Dubai's war against BlackBerries

Several states, including Dubai, are taking a stand against BlackBerries. Why is the business world's favorite smartphone under fire in the Arab world?

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