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Future of the GOP

Future of the GOP : Burning Question
Less than three months ago, Chris Christie gave the keynote speech at the Republican National Convention. But after rhetorically embracing Obama, he's persona non grata in the GOP.

Can Chris Christie get back into the GOP's good graces?

The New Jersey governor angered many in his party when he showered praise on Obama's response to Hurricane Sandy

Future of the GOP : The Bullpen
Matt K. Lewis

Matt K. Lewis: Marco Rubio should know that science and God do not have to be at odds

Liberal pundits are rushing to shame Marco Rubio for casting doubt on the Earth's age. This was a problem the Florida Republican could have easily avoided

Future of the GOP : Analysis
Underneath Republican Marco Rubio's crisp dark suit beats the heart of a man who loves gangster rap.

Marco Rubio loves Tupac, and may be a young-Earther

In an interview with GQ, the GOP star proclaims his affection for gangster rap. And asked to comment on Earth's age, Rubio demurs, "I'm not a scientist, man"

Future of the GOP : The List
Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell speaks during the Republican National Convention on Aug. 28: The governor is just one of many rising stars in the GOP.

4 reasons why Republicans can be hopeful about the future

In the wake of Obama's re-election, the GOP has become the party of doom and gloom. But there are still silver linings in an otherwise cloudy horizon

Future of the GOP : The Bullpen
Matt K. Lewis

Matt K. Lewis: To modernize, the GOP must embrace compassionate conservatism

Soul-searching Republicans ought to take a second look at George W. Bush's political philosophy

Future of the GOP : Best Video
A disgruntled-looking John McCain talks with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on November 15, 2011.

John McCain's temper tantrums: A video history

The Arizona Senator got snippy with reporters twice in one week, reminding us all that it doesn't take much to make the Maverick lose his cool

Future of the GOP : Opinion Brief
Mitt Romney delivers his concession speech in the early morning hours of Nov. 7: In the minds of many Republicans, Romney can't step off the national stage soon enough.

Why Republicans want Mitt Romney to take a hike

Losing is never a great way to increase your popularity. But to an unusually vocal degree, Republicans are going out of their way to show Romney the door

Future of the GOP : Campaign diary
What, you thought election season was over? Some of the GOP's up-and-comers, including Senator Marco Rubio (Fla.) are already hinting at their 2016 platforms.

4 signs the 2016 Republican primary has already started

In the wake of Mitt Romney's defeat, several potential candidates appear to be staking out their positions for a 2016 run

Future of the GOP : Analysis
Pro-immigration reform protesters demonstrate in front of the White House on Nov. 8.

Why immigration reform won't solve the GOP's huge problem with minorities

In the wake of Mitt Romney's defeat, many Republicans are embracing immigration reform. But the GOP's minority problem runs deeper than a single issue

Future of the GOP : The Bullpen
Matt K. Lewis

Matt K. Lewis: The GOP must become modern — but not moderate

If conservatives want to win, we must broaden our appeal. But that doesn't mean abandoning our core principles

Future of the GOP : The List
A young pro-immigration protester in Los Angeles on June 26: Republicans may need to soften their stance on immigration if they want to woo Latinos in future elections.

5 ways Republicans can change to win back a majority

In the wake of a decisive defeat, the GOP is taking a hard look in the mirror

Future of the GOP : Fact Sheet
Mitt Romney pauses during his concession speech on Nov. 6: After coming up well short in battles for the Senate and White House, the GOP has some serious soul-searching to do.

5 Election Day lessons for the GOP

Tuesday didn't turn out the way Republicans hoped. What can they learn from this debacle to improve their odds the next time around?

Future of the GOP : Burning Question
Liberals argue that a Mitt Romney defeat could throw the entire Republican Party into a tailspin of self doubt.

If Mitt Romney loses, would it spark a GOP civil war?

The candidate's heavy reliance on support from white, older males may put pressure on the party to expand its tent

Future of the GOP : Opinion Brief
Chris Christie delivered the keynote address during the Republican National Convention in August. After cozying up to President Obama this week, it's hard to imagine he'll be asked for an encore in 2016.

Did Chris Christie kill his 2016 presidential chances?

The hard-charging governor of New Jersey was a GOP favorite, but his embrace of President Obama isn't sitting well with conservatives

Future of the GOP : Opinion Brief
Though the Romney campaign has apparently put the kibosh on decrying media coverage, Paul Ryan complained about media bias during a TV interview on Sept. 30.

Are conservatives living in an alternative campaign reality?

From making up their own polls to complaining about media bias, the Republican Party increasingly finds itself at odds with the facts, says Politico

Future of the GOP : The List
Mitt Romney addresses an audience in Virginia Beach, Va., on Sept. 8. Although Romney vowed Wednesday that he's for "100 percent of America," several prominent Republicans are still distancing themselves from his damaging 47 percent speech.

7 Republicans running from Mitt Romney's 47 percent remark

Plenty of GOPers second Romney's comments about government-dependent moochers. Republicans who have to face voters are a little more leery

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