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Future of the GOP

Future of the GOP : Opinion Brief
If John Boehner's debt-ceiling bill fails to gain enough Republican votes Thursday night, critics say it might be the end of the line for the House Speaker.

Debt ceiling vote: A referendum on Boehner?

Fiscal conservatives who rode the Tea Party wave into Congress can't decide whether to fall in behind the House speaker, or reject his leadership

Future of the GOP : Opinion Brief
House Speaker John Boehner's two-part deficit plan is losing Tea Party support, which could benefit Democrats.

Debt crisis: The Tea Party vs. John Boehner

Many Tea Party Republicans reject the House speaker's debt plan. Will they get the deeper cuts they want, or just weaken their own hand?

Future of the GOP : Opinion Brief
Gov. Mark Dayton (D-Minn.) may have helped end Minnesota's record-breaking government shutdown, but only after capitulating to many GOP demands.

The GOP's Minnesota shutdown victory: Did Dems totally surrender?

State lawmakers tentatively agree on a budget to get the state government up and running again — but only after the Democratic governor caves

Future of the GOP : The Bullpen
Robert Shrum

Robert Shrum: This is not Ronald Reagan's GOP

Forget the Grand Old Party. Today's maddening, intransigent GOP is a Gang Of Purists

Future of the GOP : Winners and Losers
Not only can Minnesotans not go to the zoo because of the government shutdown, but soon, their local bars and stores may run out of booze, too.

Minnesota's record-setting government shutdown: Winners and losers

The North Star State's shutdown is starting to hit people where it hurts: Their corner bar. Is anyone thriving in Minnesota?

Future of the GOP : In-depth briefing
Grover Norquist may not hold political office, but his single-minded focus on no tax increases has made him a powerful Washington player.

Grover Norquist: The man who killed tax increases

The anti-tax activist holds no office, but wields enormous power in Washington. What are his goals?

Future of the GOP : Instant Guide
A recent Harvard study found that kids who attend at least one rain-free Fourth of July parade before age 18 are 4 percent more likely to vote Republican by age 40.

Do Fourth of July parades turn kids into Republicans?

A recent Harvard study suggests that attending a July 4 parade during childhood increases the likelihood of becoming a card-carrying Republican later in life

Future of the GOP : Opinion Brief
A controversial political ad, condemned by both parties, features Democratic candidate Janice Hahn being spanked by trash-talking "gangsters."

Will a 'blatantly racist' political ad backfire on the GOP?

A California congressional race has taken a nasty turn with a bigoted attack ad against Democrat Janice Hahn — but she may get the last laugh

Future of the GOP : Opinion Brief
Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.), the cost-cutting conservative, is getting flack for taking a $2,500 helicopter ride to his son's baseball game.

Chris Christie's 'exorbitant' state helicopter ride

The fiscally conservative New Jersey governor faces a PR backlash after taking a police helicopter to his son's baseball game. Is this a political gift to Dems?

Future of the GOP : Fact Sheet
Former Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) listens to testimony during a Senate Finance Committee hearing in 2007: A new report offers details on Ensign's scandalous affair.

The 'bombshell' charges against John Ensign: 5 shocking details

An "astounding" report details the shady coverup of a scandalous affair — and could mean criminal charges for the disgraced former senator

Future of the GOP : Opinion Brief
Just as Donald Trump was riding high on his birther claims, the president's announcement of Osama bin Laden's killing left Trump looking petty.

Bin Laden's death: A 'wake-up call' for the GOP to get serious?

President Obama's focus on big-stakes challenges — such as the killing of al Qaeda's leader — might just force the Right to drop birtherism and other fringe issues

Future of the GOP : Opinion Brief
House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) had promised he could prevent a government shutdown without any Democrat votes, but ended up needing dozens after 59 Republicans abandoned him.

Budget vote: Has John Boehner lost control of his caucus?

In a "stunning blow to his leadership," the House speaker watches 59 Republicans defect in Thursday's big budget vote

Future of the GOP : Opinion Brief
During the budget debate, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) was under heavy pressure from the Tea Party to demand even more spending cuts. Now, the movement is threatening to oust him.

Will the Tea Party oust Boehner over his budget deal?

Tea Party Nation's Judson Phillips, irate that the House speaker cut a budget deal with Democrats, claims his movement will "fire" the Ohio Republican in 2012

Future of the GOP : Opinion Brief
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, down in the polls, isn't the only newly-elected Republican governor to feel the heat from his constituency.

The GOP governors' plummeting popularity

Voters have soured quickly on new Republican governors in some big swing states. Is this a recipe for disaster in 2012?

Future of the GOP : Opinion Brief
Women shop at a farmers market outside a Latino church in Union City, N.J.: America's growing Latino population may be an electoral obstacle for the Republican Party.

Will America's growing Latino population doom the GOP?

Republicans will have to woo the nation's fastest-growing minority group to ward off future electoral failure, some commentators warn

Future of the GOP : Opinion Brief
New York Times columnist Paul Krugman poses with then-President George W. Bush in 2008: The liberal writer has kicked off a frenzy of debate when he recently acknowledged he doesn't read many conservative bloggers.

Have conservative blogs gone 'brain dead'?

Liberal columnist Paul Krugman says he avoids the mindless feedback loop of conservative blogs. But which side of the political commentariat is really more closed-minded?

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