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Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
Thousands of protesters rallied against Alabama's strict immigration law earlier this year, but it still went into effect over the weekend, encouraging some Hispanic families to flee the state.

Alabama's 'vanishing' Hispanics: Proof that harsh immigration laws work?

Immigrant families rush to leave the Yellowhammer State — which is now enforcing an immigration law that might be the nation's toughest

Immigration Reform : By the numbers
A special agent for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement makes a drug bust: ICE has reportedly nabbed 2,901 illegal immigrants with criminal records in one week.

The 'massive' crackdown on criminal illegal immigrants: By the numbers

The feds make good on Obama's promise that immigration authorities will focus on finding and deporting serious criminals

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
Men on the Mexican side of the border walk near a massive fence erected in Arizona: The Grand Canyon State's legislature is soliciting private donations to make the border fence even larger.

Arizona's privately-funded border fence

The Grand Canyon State's legislature is raising funds online to help finance a fence to keep out illegal immigrants. Good idea?

Immigration Reform : Best Column
A migrant farmer sorts tomatoes from a previous Georgian harvest: The state's tough new immigration law had a dire effect on this year's fruit and vegetable crop.

Can American farms survive without illegal immigrants?

It's not just that Americans don't want to pick vegetables, says The Atlantic's Megan McArdle. We no longer know how

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
As Mexico's economy begins to flourish, that arduous trek across the border has apparently become less enticing.

Is Mexico's 'secret economic boom' killing illegal immigration?

New research suggests incomes and quality of life are improving south of the border — discouraging Mexicans from illegally sneaking into the U.S.

Immigration Reform : The List
Jose Antonio Vargas' public admission of his illegal immigration status moved many people, but also drew a flurry of criticism.

Jose Antonio Vargas' immigration confession: 4 lessons

The Pulitzer-Prize-winning reporter revealed his many immigration lies in The New York Times Magazine. What can we learn from this illegal immigrant's story?

Immigration Reform : Best Column
In a moving personal piece in The New York Times Magazine, lauded reporter Jose Antonio Vargas came out as an illegal immigrant who's had to live a lie.

The Pulitzer-winning journalist who's also an illegal immigrant

After 14 years of hiding the truth about his immigration status, Jose Antonio Vargas comes clean, and declares, "I'm done running"

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said in an interview Saturday that illegal immigrants may be behind the devastating wildfires ravaging his state.

John McCain's 'outrageous' Arizona fires explanation

The GOP senator claims illegal immigrants may have started Arizona's massive blaze, but his lack of evidence is drawing howls of protest and mockery

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
A young demonstrator marches during an immigration reform protest on May 1: Alabama is close to passing an immigration law that's tougher than Arizona's.

Alabama's 'outrageous' immigration bill

The tough new bill includes strict provisions that go even farther than the controversial Arizona law that sparked national debate last year

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
President Obama looks at contraband collected by the border patrol in El Paso, Texas: The president challenged the GOP to compromise on immigration reform in a speech Tuesday.

Can Obama goad the GOP into immigration reform?

President Obama traveled to the U.S.-Mexican border to push for a comprehensive immigration rethink... and got in a few digs at Republicans

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
First-generation American children rally on behalf of their undocumented parents in D.C. in July 2010: Obama will talk up immigration reform once again on Tuesday.

Is Obama's immigration push just a ploy for the Latino vote?

The president is launching a fresh attempt at an immigration reform bill, but its chances of actually passing seem slim

Immigration Reform : Petty Controversy
New York City Mayor said Sunday the immigration problem can solve Detroit's dwindling population problem: Send all incoming immigrants to the Motor City for five to 10 years.

Petty controversy: Should we send all immigrants to Detroit?

Michael Bloomberg says if immigrants really want to come to America, let them.... rebuild Motor City. Um, was he being serious?

Immigration Reform : Fact Sheet
A U.S immigration officer patrols Arizona's border: As the state fights to get court approval for its strict immigration law, many other states are working on similar proposals.

8 states copying Arizona's immigration law

Even as an appeals court chooses not to lift an injunction on Arizona's controversial law, a host of states are intent on replicating it

Immigration Reform : Fact Sheet
Neighbors in a suburban California town tipped off authorities to a makeshift maternity center for pregnant Asian tourists.

Maternity tourists: The new immigration scourge

California authorities close a maternity center where wealthy Asian tourists give birth to babies who become U.S. citizens. Is this dodge a growing problem?

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
A homework assignment for third graders in Georgia (based on a story called "What is an illegal alien?") asked students if the U.S. puts immigrants to death.

The 'disturbing' third grade quiz about killing illegal immigrants

A teacher causes an uproar with a lesson that asked kids, "What does the U.S. do to illegal aliens?" One of the multiple-choice options: "Puts them to death"

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
A young girl holds up a sign during a March protest of a Utah immigration bill that would require police to check the immigration status of those arrested for felonies and serious misdemeanors.

Does Utah have the right answer on immigration?

State lawmakers combine a guest worker program with an Arizona-like get-tough law. Is this an immigration compromise that the rest of the country could model?

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